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No Smoking Day
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7 Days, 12 Hours and 10 Minutes

Yes i am counting! Anyway, so proud of myself to be in the second week.

Has not been easy and had a very up and down weekend. Was snappy and unreasonable. Feeling pretty tired today also which does not help. My GF is going away for 10 days so hopefully i wont be as highly strung or as snappy.

One worry i have is the talk of Week 3 being worse! As i said Week 1 was terrible, hopefully Week 2 is going to be a little better but not sure if i could handle Week 3 if it is as bad as everyone says!!!!

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Hi Knightm :D

Well done you as you go into week 2 that's great Big Hug

Week three can be tough for some of us but we don't all find this so don't worry about it now OK

I for one never had a problem with week 3 at all and many others didn't either


Marg xxxx


Thanks both of you.

I suppose people are more likely to post when they are having a hard time rather than when they are ok, so its bound to be more bad than good!

I feel its getting easier so long may it continue!


Don't be dreading week 3 so soon :)

You might find your one of the fortunate ones that don't feel it as bad.. it depends on you, and what is going on that week.

I can tell you for sure that on my week 3 the only problem i had at all that week was in the first 2 days.. and you know why? it was because i was just being moody with my fiancé and i couldn't see it. I retreated instead of going loggerheads in the end and just went and had a lie down instead. It helped.. and i got through week 3 just fine afterwards. I had a small issue with lack of sleep around the same time too, but that was totally my fault as i am using patches and i was leaving them on at night.. so i was waking in the night and that was causing me to be irritable in the first place.

So really? it depends on you. If you find yourself getting moody, or both of you.. just go cool off rather than go head-to-head... let the moments like that pass.. and suddenly you wonder what the fuss was about :)

week 4 & 5 i've just gone through now, and i can 100% say that compared to other weeks prior, they were far easier.

So don't panic.. and don't worry either, theres no point stirring yourself up unneccesarily now for things that are weeks away, just take this 1 day at a time and 1 week at a time too... you'll get through it and theres always this forum for advice.



Thanks Jase

Yeah, i think i am looking too far ahead. It strange how you know you are being unreasonable but you just carry on! I am learning alot and hopefully i can control myself more in the next few weeks. Got a holiday planned with the GF a week on Thursday to Ireland for a long weekend so hopefully will help being somewhere different.

Well done on your quit too. Its great to hear about people further down then road who are so positive


A change of scene always helps :).. the main thing is you both understand that this quitting lark presents unreasonableness by the bucket load sometimes. You don't mean a single harsh word of what you say and your GF has the same thing going on too.

It'll settle down, and i'm betting in some weeks time you'll look back at these times and laugh about it.. but you know what? you'll also see from experience what you will not want to go through again and you'll (hopefully) stay quit using that as a major reason. you two don't wanna be doing this twice, so help each other where you can, and you'll get through it, just don't forget to back off even if you think you are sooooooo in the right on something that voices got raised over m8y.. sometimes its just for the best.

I think i posted somewhere else that i find an excellent diffuser to such situations is to blow silly raspberry and say 'ahh ignore me its just this withdrawal we going through' :)

You'll do it m8, but enjoy that trip to Ireland!! is it the south you're going to?


Yeah, we will laugh i am sure. She has gone back home for a week so hopefully she will not see any more of her moody snappy bf :-)

Yes, going to Achill Island in South Ireland. Never been to Ireland so really looking forward to it.

And your right, i suppose remembering the bad days will spur you on to never want to have to quit again. What a waste of time it would be to spoil it now.

I am happy i am now a non smoker and I really dont want to smoke again, just want to get to that point where it feels normal.

A few pints of the black stuff should help!


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