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cold turkey and slips


hi this is my first time posting hear. I'm 26 and have been smoking for 12 years. this is day 4 for me with out a smoke & its cold turkey for me. i have decided to quit smoking because i lost my grand mother 11 years ago and know my grand father has cancer as well. i don't want to die like that. I took a Puff of a bud smoke after a 6 pack and that one Puff made me fell very ill. so i take it as a good thing that my body totally did not like it. the fact that it made ME sick makes the desire to smoke much less. I'm not telling any one to try it and see what happens. I WILL NEVER SMOKE AGAIN:mad:

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Welcome James

Congrats on your quit so far the first week is the worse and you have almost do that so well done. You will have great support and advice here so stick around. xxxxx

Hi James:)

well done on your quit,it does get better and better,honest:D

the benefits of not smoking are huge:)


you will soon start to feel better I promise

Hello James,

Welcome to the forum and good on you for quitting it can be tough to begin with but it gets better, the longer you stick with it the easier you will find it, good luck mate.


Hi James,

Good luck Hun, dont forget to treat yourself with your cig money :



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