gooddddd morning

good morning, good morning, good morning,,i am so happy this morning,you may ask why,,well i am 11 weeks one day,or 78 days quit,how good is that,:D,6 more days and i will be posting on the 3 months thread,had a real bad day yesterday but i came throught that with your help,,THANK YOU ALL FOR THAT,i find now i can drink tea with out association it with smoking,thats so good, and thats one hurdel i have over come,,group hug:D also cut out my pork scratching,o i miss them you all keep the faith tony

margerert got your weighwatchers stuck on the fridge,just to remind me not to bing thank you lol

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  • So glad you're feeling better Tony.

    The tea thing sounds like a big deal for you, so congrats to you.

    We all help each other, buddy... that's what we come here for - so you are most welcome.

    Well done, and keep the faith :D

  • cheers stu for that

  • Hi Tony

    Sooooooooooooo really pleased to see you back on top form welldone.


  • group hugs linda lol tony

  • Awww hugs Tony, its great seeing you back on top hun, put a smile on my face reading your post and seeing how happy you are today.

    I think everyone seems to have the odd bad day i'm guessing its all part of the process of ditching the ciggys.

    Huge well done on your ahievement so far.

    Take care Tony



  • not to bad bb,just me having a bad day ok now tony

  • Tony :D

    Congratulations on 11 weeks so glad you feel better today i don't drink tea but know what you mean with me it was coffee

    hope W W works for you mine is back on the cupboard again

    Onwards and upwards

    love margaret

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