Week 2 nearly over

Hello everyone,

Not been around for the past few days, been really busy with work, kids and the odd few pints. Just thought I would let you all know I'm well and truly still on the wagon! Even going to the pub didn't really bother me.

I'm also turning into a typical non smoker, even though it's still relatively early days I am finding the smell of smoke pretty repulsive. I was in the local shop, stood waiting in the que and some guy who had obviously just had a ciggie was stood right behind me and I found it particularly gross. I couldn't get away quick enough. It was at that point I realised what my wife and kids have had to put up with for many years. I even went home and apologised!

Hope everyone is well.

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  • Well done Paul

    Fab work two weeks. Yes it do smell really bad.xxxx

  • Nice one fishty, good to see you're still about.

  • Well done Paul

    Great work,

    I agree its really horrible to realise that we once smelled that bad to.

  • welcome back, good on you mate keep up the good work

  • Keep up the good work mate:)

  • Going home and apologising... classic! I see where you're coming from though, I'm finding pretty nasty smelling it around the place too.

    Well done for your hard work so far, Paul; you've got the right attitude. Two weeks nearly up!

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