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over weight

weight my self to night when i came back from the club aaaaaaaaaaa,,one stone over weight,,could not be live it,i know i put on some weight ,but not that much so soon,,,.i am normely a round 11stone 12 0r 13oz,,but wow,,13 stone 2 oz,,i need some help here fast,,gone from a 34 waist to a 36 waist,,forget about smoking more worried about putting on lots more weight..girls you got any advice for me,,my wife says im not over weight im just nice and cuddley,,keeps her warm in bed she says:(:( aaaaaa,,will still keep the faith tony

is it normel to put on so much weight in so short a time

am a bit worried about it


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Hi Tony:D

Join the club I have also put on weight but heigh ho at least we are not smoking any more

I was underweight in may when came out of hospital am now overweight at about 101/4 stone I know in my case some of this is because not as active as i was

I still have my weightwatchers lists so will go back to that will let you know how it goes

I would put them on here but don't know if moderators would approve what do you think or could put on as attachement maybe

Keep the faith

love margaretxxxx


I've gone from my normal 10st 8 or so, to just over 12st.... and from a 32" to 34" waist.

Not good.

However, I read somewhere that after 6 months the metabolism settles down - so I shall carry on regardless and see what the situation is a bit further down the road. I'm not eating so much now, so hopefully things will settle and then return to normal.

If not, I shall get myself off down the gym!


margareth,,cant see any problems putting your weighwatchers lists on here,,give it a go,look forwood to seeing them,,need some help and stuarth does as well :D keep the faith tony


jim the wife does a lot of sowing,she has a big work room right at the bottom of the garden 15ft by 10ft,got its own heating,think i will send them down there for there smoke..,am of fishing this week end at foxhills thats at barbeacon great barr looking forward to it,,will take the dogs out later,,one is a staff, the other a little westie,,, o have cut back on the pork scratchings hope you have to jim,,.we could start a weightwatchers club on here,,have a new thread just for it,could take our minds off smoking,,what you lot think all keep the faith tony


Tony and BB:D

I can put on here and try it who knows what will happen [i lost over 3 stone this way before}Can I just copy and paste or would it have to be attachment please tell me how to do it If moderators complain I will certainly send to Tony by private message if he wants me to didn't know we could do this thought could only use forum


What are you fishing for Tony, Fishing is one of the things I'm worried about without fags. I can't bring myself to go fishing this early in the year, sitting in the cold doesn't appeal to me, although it's no less comfortable than sitting in this bloody office, seems like it's about 30 degrees in here :mad:


hi john,carp tench,,were i fish there are some very big lumps,,i find if you take lots of gum,,,chew till the tastes is gone,,then repeat,,you will be ok,,give it a go,get back to nature and enjoy the fishing ,,you will have to go sometime so why not now,,it would be a big test for you ,,when i am fishing i could smoke 15 or 20 fags on the bank,,dont think about them now,, so john take what ever you take and go for it,,

jim, you like to fish dont you, have you been lateley,you should you know,,.

you lot keep the faith tony



tried copy and paste didn't work so will try attachment the is no link so hopefully be ok with moderator i copied from w w book for my own use

Tried attachment seems it is to big but only 2 pages of a Word document any other suggestions please


jim,,this is me last year, nice carp 9lb 12oz,had a good day,,love your pound [well i mean your pool ] ,,you will get some nice carp in there..tony


ops the photo did not send,,sorry


Hi BB and TONY trying again


Chicken Kiev 6Bacon 1oz1 ½

Braising Steak 3 ½ oz2 ½Beef Mince 5oz5

Roast Beef 1 ¼ oz1 ½Sirloin Steak8oz5 ½

Chicken Breast5 ¾ oz2 ½Corned Beef1 ½ oz2

Cod3 ¼ oz1Gammon Steak5 ¾ oz6

Haddock4 ¼ oz1 ½Ham1 ¼ oz1

Lamb Chop4 ¾ oz3Lamb Cutlet3oz5

Lamb Mince5oz6Roast Lamb1 ¼ oz1 ½

Lambs Liver1 ¾ oz2Pork Crackling1 ¼ oz3

Pork Chop8 ½ oz5Pork Loin Steak5 ½ oz3

Pork Sausages¾ oz1 ½Pork Sausages1 ½ oz3 ½

Roast Leg Pork1 ¼ oz1Salmon{Fresh}3 ½ oz3

Salmon{Smoked}2oz1 ½Salmon {Red}3 ¾ oz3

Tuna in Brine2 ½ oz1Scampi3 ½ oz3

Turkey4 ½ oz2Fish ShopChips½ portion4

Cod Tail3


Baked beans14 ½ oz4 ¼Baked Beans7oz2

Oven Chips L/F3 ½ oz2Peas1 ½ oz½

Broad Beans2 ½ oz1Parsnip3 ½ oz1

Potato Boiled3 ½ oz1Jacket Potato L13oz4

Jacket Potato S8oz2 ½Roast Potato1 ¾ oz1 ½

Free Vegetables

Green BeansBrocolli

Brussel SproutsCabbage


LeeksMange Tout






Sweet Corn


Homepride S&S½ tin3Soya Sauce0

Homepride Curry½ tin3Betabuy Pasta½ tin3

BetabuyIrishStew½ tin3Spagheti Bol½ tin3

Ready MealsWeightPointsWeightPoints

Beef Curry&Rice375gr7 ½Stew Dumpling400gr7 ½

Cauli Cheese300gr7Chick C & Rice300gr5

Chick Korma340gr12Macorini C300gr8 ½

C Tikka Masala400gr11


Thick Veg½ tin1 ½Chicken½ tin3

Oxtail½ tin1 ½Lentil & Carrot½ tin1 ½

Mushroom½ tin2Scotch Broth½ tin2


Apple5 ½ oz½Banana3 ½ oz1 ½

Banana3 oz1Blackberry3 ½ oz½

Cherries3 ½ oz½Clementines 25oz½

Fruit Salad9oz1 ½ Galia Melon9oz1

Grapefruit5 ½ oz½Grapes3 ½ oz1

Honeydew Melon7oz1Manderine 36 ¼ oz1

Nectarine5 oz½Orange5 ½ oz½

Peach4 oz½Pear5 ½ oz½

Pineapple 2 slices3oz½Plums 33 ¼ oz½

Raspberry3 ½ oz½Strawberry5 ½ oz½


Yorkshire Pud¾ oz1Bread1 ¼ oz 1 ½

Cheddar Cheese1 ½ oz4 ½Cerial1 ¼ oz1 ½

Cottage Cheese4oz2Cream Cracker¼ oz½

Mueller Light1 ½WholewheatCB½ oz1

Egg Med1 ½ oz1 ½Pasta3 ½ oz4

Halloumi1 ½ 0z3 ½Hot Cross Bun1 ¾ oz2 ½

Ice Cream2 oz2 ½ Milk 10 fl oz2

Naan Bread2 ½ oz4Rice2oz3

Rye Crisp Bread31 ¼ oz½Salad cream½ fl oz½

Greek Yoghurt1 ½ oz1 ½Greek Yoghurt L F 5 ½ oz2

Tropical Mix1 ½ oz2Fruit Juice9 fl oz1 ½

Orange Juice3 ½ fl oz½Wine6 fl oz2

Wine8 floz45almonds1

1 ½ Walnuts1

Hope you can understand this if not will try again tomorrow

love margaret


Thanks for pointing in the direction of this thread BB. Will lay off the pork scratchings! but figured i would not care about the weight for the first month and am now walking more. Do like the look of your pond/pool! My son loves fishing in the Thames.


Bless you Tony, maybe just cutting out the food that is full of fat and high in calories will help.

I have strangely found the opposite and have lost half a stone so far but i think that is because i only drink water now.

Good luck Tony with the diet as well now.

Wow BB what a huge pond you have. Have you got any photos of it full of fish?




Mmmmmmm Food

I have a bag of boiled sweets wherever I go as substitute fags still.

That alone cannot be responsible for the 2.5 stone in 3 months.:o

I am back on the food wagon last week. We should post weight stats along with smoking stats.....



yep 2 months no smoking and about 2 stone overweight.

in truth i feel its nothing to worry about

i think i will start the gym but not for at least another month to get easy with the idea of not smoking.

smoking ciggies does curb your munchies so there is a small weight gain i think when giving up the ciggies.

again personally i feel giving up smoking is my prime concern without the added stress of a diet plan at the moment.

and yes 11 stone when i smoked and 13 stone from today.



I know from my parents having a pond that they can be hard work to keep clean etc, well done you :)

I would love to be able to come home and sit out in the garden on one of our warm evenings we get in the summer drifting off to the sound of running water, there is something very tranquil about a garden with a pond, i would love one but cant atm, maybe when the kids have grown up a bit.




yep 2 months no smoking and about 2 stone overweight.

in truth i feel its nothing to worry about

i think i will start the gym but not for at least another month to get easy with the idea of not smoking.

smoking ciggies does curb your munchies so there is a small weight gain i think when giving up the ciggies.

again personally i feel giving up smoking is my prime concern without the added stress of a diet plan at the moment.

and yes 11 stone when i smoked and 13 stone from today.


I agree tim, get the quit well and truly under your belt before you start thinking about diet plans.

Well done on 2 months not smoking :)




I feel sorry for my kids, since I quit the sweets in their sweet tin have somehow mysteriously disappeared ;) .


Hi BB Tony and anyone interested

The points are to do with your weight

The chart gives the weight you can have for that day fot instance 51/2 oz mince beef = 5points

The amount of points you can have daily depends on your weight

IE you weigh

12st you need 21 points daily

11 st 20 points daily

10st 19 points daily and so on

but if you are say 10st 8lb you would round up to 11st and so on but if say 10st 4lb round down to 9st and so on

any one over 12 st just add 1 point daily

under 10st take off 1 point daily

you will notice that there is a FREE VEG SECTION

this simply means that you can eat as many of these as you want per dayhgope this makes things clearer for you.

MY copy at home is done in a table which helps but for some reason won't copy and paste over

love margaretxxx:D


Hi Jim

How you feeling this fine morning. Good i hope.xxxx


thanks for that margeret,,will give it a go,and let you know how i get on,,

jim keep looking at your pond,wow,so back to nature,,off fishing on saturday with my son in law,cant wait keep the faith tony


Hi Guys:p

Glad to have been of help if someone could figure out how to get a table on here it would maybe look a bit clearer I am going back on WW myself don't forget you can eat as much free stuff as you like

When i was on this before I used to sit down and do a weeks menu's at a time and found this helped to start with

I also printed of a copy of the list and pinned it to the food cupboard made it easy to consult and also served as a reminder


Love Margaret


Tony, I would go fishing but the only spot to fish nearby is a small lake and the only thing I've ever had from it in the winter is Pike. Some good tench, roach and rudd from spring onwards though. Used to do a lot of bream fishing with my son on the River Bann but it's been cleaned out by 'migrant workers' over the last few years, shame as it is/was one of the best rivers for Bream in Europe.

Nice pond BB, puts mine to shame its about 6ft by 3ft, my son has about 9 fish in it, would love the space to have something bigger.


john,i am going fishing over the week end,,let you know how i get on,,nice to just relaxe,,all the best tony



thanks for link had a quick look but will have longer look later today

love margaretxxxxxxxxxx


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