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Has your weight changed since stopping?

I am a bit worried i might get fat tbh. I have always been a 'skinny' but for some reason i've gained nearly 2 stone in weight and thats before stopping smoking. :eek:

Maybe it's normal to comfort eat a little. Especially getting over being a smoker for so long. :confused:

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O dear. I have to be honest and say that 99% of people do indeed seem to put on weight.....

I have put on a lot,it's made me realise how much smoking quelled my appetite, and that it's normal to feel hungry eevery couple of hours. Just have to get the balance right i guess, and stopeating the fattening stuFF!

Exercise is easier though now.


It does not have to

My Wife has lost a pound this past week while quiting CT. I know cause she told me this morning.

It can be done, if your motivated and have strategy in place to cope. I suppose a lot of us substitute a bit our smoking habit with extra food, (me included).

My wife just substituted extra exercise instead. Yes, she is a bit of a superwoman, very proud of her.


I put on and it was mostly down to over eating.

However, metabolism changes in your body will also effect things so being careful what you eat will be good, but it's not always the only thing to effect changes in us. Exercise is always good

*note to self to remember that last comment*

Look up some of the links in member's signatures. There's info on how quitting effects us re diet, weight and metabolism.


Hi, my weight has certainly increased by half a stone. I know (down to certain bodily functions that I know you don't want me to go into) that my metabolism is slower but my irritable bowel (sorry if you're eating) has gone!

So all in all i'm fairly pleased, I'd certainly rather lose a few pounds than still be chuffing away!

Now, where are those biscuits!:o



I have gained weight. I'll work on the weight next. If I can beat smoking I'm sure I can figure how to beat the weight thing. I guess it comes down to how much a person can deal with at one time and for me no smokes and no chocolate just won't work at the moment LOL.


And you think you have put some on, I bet you cant catch up with me LOL




Hey Jamangie,

Has that guy swallowed a pregnancy exercise ball ha ha ha!!



When i stop laughing I will answer LOL Reckon hes swallowed pregnant woman, or eaten all the cigs we are not smoking lol




Made me spit me tea everywhere now!!!!


I am a bit worried i might get fat tbh. I have always been a 'skinny'

Same here!! even in pregnancy ( my first 3 ) i didnt go over 9 stone!! Then back down to 7.5 stone near enough straight away.

After 4th bubs i went up to 10stone and i have just spent the last two years shifting it grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Going on holiday in August and so want to look my best, but worried about it too now :(

But on a different level of thinking.. would we rather be skinny and unfit or slightly larger and healthy??

im going for the latter bit myself



Sorry Angel for jumping on your thread and for not being sensible, but that did strike me funny. Yes I have put on a fair amount of weight since stopping 10 weeks stopped and about 10 lb put on but hopefuly will lose this starting now lol dont worry too much the quit is paramount and a bit of weight is a small price to pay for being a non smoker.


No problem :D

I just don't do fat very well, sad i know and it's fine on other people but if i look in the mirror and see chub on me i feel very angry :o *run's away to hide* I should get over it or find a way to deal with it.

It looks as if the vast majority say YES GIVING UP PILES ON THE POUNDS but why should it? are we compensating?

Whats happening? lol.


Well you have some choices, quit smoking and have the will power to not gain weight. Quit smoking and gain weight( Uhm not like any of us wanted or think the weight looks good on us ya know LOL). Smoke and don't gain weight. or gain weight and smoke your choices LOL:D


My neighbour just informed me she has an exercise bike in loft... Im going to try that when she gets it down for me ;)


Hey Fallen Angel - I'm with you on the "don't do fat" well... Some years ago I lost 3 stone, it was a long hard slog and I like being thinner. For a long time fear of weight gain stopped me giving up smoking. I have been stubbornley smoking while almost all my friends have stopped ages and ages ago. My two best friends stopped together 2 years ago and, yup, they both put weight on although not that much (didn't ask, but guestimate, up a dress size). Now, though, it's all gone and they both look great. So I'm thinking maybe it is pretty inevitable that I'll put some pounds on for a while. But c'mon - if we can stop smoking we're gonna be able to lose a couple of pounds!


Ive been quit two months and Ive also lost half a stone, Ive focussed on the food and exercise which has stopped me focussing on fags.

I think its very easy and all too convenient to blame metabolic changes, for being greedy. Its quite simple science, if you burn off what you put in you dont put weight on. Too many people come up with too many excuses.

It can be done!! :-)


I lost 21lbs in weight over the last year. I don't want to put weight back on but will allow myself a couple of pounds.

When you stop smoking your metabolism slows down but only by around 5%. So if you normally eat 2,000 calories a day you need to cut down by 100 calories a day to stay the same weight. Thing is food tastes so much better so you want to eat more. To compensate for the cigs you want to eat more. Thats why people gain weight.

It is a real effort for me to not gain weight, so far 25 days of stopping and managed it. It isn't easy though. Saying that if I do get particulary irritable, hungry or really craving then I do eat something, better than turning to a cig. I'm doing heaps of walking, can't do a lot of exercises as I had a back operations years ago and have to be careful. This walking is really helping me, allows me a few more calories.:D

It is hard though, not fair is it.:D



Cheers hun... didnt know that about the metabolism!!

Totally makes sense.



Excellent Post Wendy that puts alot into perspective for me , almost 7 months quit at the moment and 20 pounds more(sorry don't know the conversion) and taking a look at trying to stop the weight gain as well as loss some. very helpful, Thank you.


Yes that is realy good to know that the reason I have gone from a good healthy 8 st to 9 st is because my matabilism has slowed down.

whew I am soo pleased at that cause I thought it was the ton of choccy and all the crisps and sweetys I ate when I stopped smoking LOL

Exactly my point of view about weight gain if you dont overeat you want put it on and I hate fat so am now on a stricter diet and more exercise so I lose it, but have found that I am not you know any more so feel fatter than I am I think??? any one else got same prob LOL and found a remedy for it.


I've put on half a stone since quitting 7 months ago, and im having to watch what I eat more now whereas before I could eat whatever I wanted.

Im also training at the gym and kickboxing now, so thats helping.



If you put the weight on before you quit, might be worth having a thyroid blood test. I put on nearly 3 stone before I realised that's what it could be, that and I was sleeping 80% of the day :D


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