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No Smoking Day
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Starting over again!!!

Well here I am again, fell off the proverbial wagon I guess you could say arghhh!! Well I am beginning anew today armed with patches this time and a State sponsered quit coach haha!!

Quit last on 12/31/13, fell apart last week and just decided over the weekend that it is time to get back to it. So here we go.....:eek:


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Good luck Sherri, welcome again ;)


Thanks a bunch!! I am hoping I learned a few lessons to help me this time. I definately think I got overconfident for sure. thank you for welcoming me back. I have been so ashamed of myself I haven't posted until I was ready to start again....:)


No need to be ashamed Sherri.

Just a blip....that's all.....no big.....you got this......this time :)

Wishing you all the strength in the world.

Well done going again straight away :), usually takes many (incl. me) years between attempts.

Take care



Hiya Sherri, I'm really pleased for you getting on with things straight away.

There's nothing to be ashamed of love. I quit and slipped in the first 3 weeks, that's why my final quit was 28th September. Sometimes slipping up can make us realise how much we really want something, when we realise its slipping away from us.

At least thats how it worked for me, I didn't want to let go of the chance I'd given myself for anything.

You'll do fine now I'm sure, welcome back, you've been missed

Molly x


Hey sheri many of us have done that walk of shame mularkey. i think its a good thing to feel a bit of shame ,its like depression its telling us we're doing something that we might not want to be doing or in the case of depression that we are not really happy(just my opinions based on my own experiences) hopefully you can get back up again, just keep trying its like learning to walk, you have to fall down a few times . just keep in mind that walking is where you want to end up not sat on the floor wallowing in self pity telling yourself walking is not for you. Go girl . feel free to substitute quitting the fags for walking. Mash


Hiya Sherri..there is nothing to be ashamed about...to make the decision to try again so soon is something to be really proud of.....you could have just moped around feeling sorry for yourself...instead you made a very positive step...good luck and fingers crossed you nail the monster this time.


Welcome back Sherri, you only did what the majority of us have done, will we ever learn, cigs don't come singly, they come in packs!

You'll do fine this time:)

Fi x


Sherri.......now is the time to stop.....mistakes learnt makes us all stronger.....let's do it....:)


A big thank you to everyone for taking the time to welcome me back and for all your words of encouragement!!

One of the things that stands out to me from my first quit back in the beginning of January is that the encouragement offered here is truly what got me through my first two weeks. Then there came a time when I felt that I didn’t need it so much and I think that was a mistake. Overconfidence in the quit will take you down so quick you can’t believe it imo. That is one lesson I think I learned. Also, now I know a bit better where my weaknesses are and I am trying to figure out a plan to deal with those times.

Biggest worries for me are first thing in the morning before work and then evenings while at home. I am looking for ideas if anyone has any? I am taking 2 mile walks at night but that’s not going to happen in the morning. I may just have to knuckle through that, I don’t know. I am already really dreading tomorrow morning ughhh ! :eek:

This time I will try to do some things differently but I will definitely be around here a lot lol. Well I guess if there is anything good to come from my absolute F**k up (pardon ) is that I can check up on all my old friends moving into month 2 and also get to meet a whole new group of people just starting out or starting over (sigh) :rolleyes:

Well I have gone on long enough… talk to y’all soon !!




Karri... I love it!!!


What do you mean by lazier kerri?....welcome back to the forum I remember those awful few days that SOME of us go through....Please use this forum it will will help you...please do not listen to people who are still smoking or this will never work for you......I am here 29 long days in.....


Karri, your organism is struggling, that's why it needs more time for a rest than usual


Im totally with you on the sleeping (or lack of sleeping) Im sure it will get better, just hope i dont fall asleep at my desk later :)


I don't really need the rest its more me choosing not to do all those other things.

maybe it's just apathy


sometimes it's good


Welcome back Sherri :)

It's nothing to be ashamed of, think most of us have done the same thing - know I have far too many times :( At least you're doing something about it now and not like me binning an 18 month quit like I did last time 'cos I was angry :rolleyes:

The important thing is that you're back and you still want to quit!!

Heck, if it was easy this place wouldn't be here, but you're going to make it.

By lazier i mean after work I used to do loads of stuff. Go out, do stuff around the house, go late night shopping. Now I tend to do less - maybe lazy isn't the right word, maybe I just relax more :)

You and me both Karri!!

Have been getting into my PJ's and dressing gown stupidly early and curling up on the sofa and I almost never did that while I smoked.

Mind you, I've been sleeping for England too!!


welcome back

Sherri dont worry about your relapse,Iv just come back myself:).All the help and support is here at your fingertips,we are all in this together.:)


sherri, good luck and lets do this.


I am so glad you decided to some back to the quit! Life is full of slip ups so don't let it get you down. The fact that you are here having another go is what matters!


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