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back to work


hi all, im on day 6 now and its still going really well but i do have one concern, im starting back to work tomorrow having just had a week off, I work with teenage boys who do not fit in so well with society for one reason or another, they can be really testing at times. At home when ive had a bad moment through not smoking i can relieve the stress easily but at work not so easy. Any tips or ideas will be helpful, the problem is i cant remove myself from the stressful situation.

its gunna be fun !!!!!

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tazer sounds great, often thought of a big bloody stick :D I will have to come up with something cos I can be short tempered sometimes anyway, might write myself a note and leave it in my pocket, then i can read it each time I get wound up

Hi Billy,

Yes it will be a bit tough for a couple of days. But then you may well find yourself not getting quite so stressed anyway. Remember that nicotine makes you stressed - you are feeling normal when you smoking but when you're not, you are stressed. Once you get the nicotine out of your body you don't get stressed anymore when you are not smoking.

It's like the shoe thing: nicotine is like wearing a pair of shoes that are too tight, smoking is like when you take those shoes off - you feel relief for a short time til you have to put them back on again.

I am a much happier person at home and at work now. I am on Day 21 and it took me til about day 16 to feel this way.

Good luck.

Hi Billy- I teach 16 year old girls!!! (enough said) they can be testing!!

its not easy, but i said to myself, they dont deserve to be the reciever of an addicts cravings, its not fair on them, you just need to stay as calm as you can, ive actually found that i am a calmer person for it-so positives do come out of this.

Ive also found stringing them up and gags work just as well, and can truely be very effective xx:D

Can you get hold of a Tazer? ;)

Sounds like the best bet to me :D

Seriously, you have got to go at like a test, one day at a time, The best advice I can give you is to try and keep busy especially with your hands.

If any of them annoy you Grab a piece of rope and see how many knots you can tie the little blighters up in.. that will keep your hands busy and take your mind of it ;)

Airwaves are good, I used them last time I quit, The stronger the better

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