Chuddy... Day 3

Evening all. I would say I've had a really easy day but just this second had a MAHOOSIVE crave that came right out of the blue. Needed to hammer the keyboard a bit to take the mind off it...

I've been having these little craves all day, and some reeeeally weird spaced out moments, but absolutely nothing I can't deal with. I know I've seemed to be having it easy so far, but I have this niggling feeling that's about to change come tomorrow. But, as I've said before, I've done my reserach, and I'm well prepared, and I have the best group therapists that money doesn't need to buy! So I'm cushty :p

I've also come to realise that my habit was nowhere near as extensive or heavy as most others: 15-20 a day for 8 years as opposed to, say, 30 a day for 25 years. The fact I've been cutting down massively since returning from holiday (5th January) and having a specific date set for quitting has worked nicely in my favour! Of course, one can never overestimate being educated, knowing what to expect, and keeping the faith! (Thanks tonyx :p)

Stay strong, y'all!

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  • Hey-you can do this-youre one of the cheeky monkeys!!!!

    craves will come and go, some will feel as if your eyes are popping out of your head-but its not killing you!!!

    Remember the days you did smoke-dont forget you still craved for fags even then-because you cant smoke just about anywhere now

    chose-quit and crave for a short while?

    or chose smoke and crave for a lifetime

    well what do you chose?


  • Well done Chuddy for getting to day 3. Those are the worst 3 days but still take it one day at a time. Before you know it, the week will be up and you will really notice it getting easier and easier.

    Keep it up!

  • well done matey, don't worry about the niggling feelings you have for tomorrow, positive thinking all the way and....tomorrow never comes ;)

    I got your back to.

    take it easy bud

  • Day 3 nearly over now mate! Nice one.

    It's inevitable that in the next few weeks the craves will hit, but keep yer chin up lad as I imagine caving in at this stage would make you feel terrible.

    Wishing you the best of luck!

  • Nice one mate, you're on a roll :D

    I see you've been recruiting too :cool:

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