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Chuddy...Day 1

Hello all,

Well it appears John beat me to the punch :p But here I am, at last, day 1. I've been anticipating it eagerly, and I'm glad to finally get cracking with it. You guys have given me infinite confidence in this endeavour, and for this I thank you!

Just to re-iterate my reasons for quitting:

[*]Obvious health issues (particularly regarding family medical history)

[*]Saving money (new camera, holiday, moving into my own place)

[*]Weight gain (not exactly an important reason, I am underweight though)


[*]Exerting some control! Finally!

I went to see the smoking cessation advisor this morning, but it turned out to be almost a wasted visit as I spoke to the GP there instead. She did give me a little more information regarding NRT, but I still think I'll be going cold turkey.

I've been reading Joel Spitzer's 'Never Take Another Puff', which has been excellent so far. It's really opened my eyes as to the reasons behind why I smoke, and make me feel a complete idiot for doing so! I really do recommend it to anyone else who is thinking about quitting, or is in the process. I'll definiteley be referring back to it.

I've taken to writing 'HEALTH WEALTH CONTROL' on the back of watch hand to inspire me throughout the day. I think I saw it in a few of NicFirth's posts, but it may have been someone else, so thank you whoever! I've also stuck a photo of my parents on their wedding day on my front door, to give me strength whenever I leave the house to face the day.

No symptoms to speak of yet... then again, it has only been 12 hours since my last EVER cigarette :rolleyes:

Wish me luck, and thanks for the support!

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Welcome Chuddy,

I am on day 9 - please believe me it gets better every day - never thought when I hit my bitch of a monster day 5 that I would be able to say that. True you may get cravings as the nicotine leaves the body but hang in, grit the old teeth, do whatever it takes to work through it. It feels good not to smoke. Keep posting and we will all support you like you have supported us. Go for it!!


I've taken to writing 'HEALTH WEALTH CONTROL' on the back of watch hand to inspire me throughout the day. I think I saw it in a few of NicFirth's

Guilty, mate, thats one of mine :D.

Its a mantra I used quite a bit.

Good luck with today, well figuratively speaking as luck has very little to do with it.



Congratulations on the best decision you will ever make Chuddy

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life.

Keep reading ;):D


hi chuddy. and wellcome to the fourm,,you are in the right place,,,i also read JOEL SPITZERS N,t,a,puff,i still read it when i need to,,it helps,,,i am 0ne day off 10 weeks,,and i went c/t,its about the best way to quit,we were all like you on day one,,but your first day is for the rest of your life smoke free,and that sounds so good,,it gets a lot easeier as you go on,,,,,,,


just like smoking one hour at a time, or one day and so biddy says keep posting on here ,help is always on i say you just keep the faith tony


Good luck Chuddy :)



Good luck Mate but i dont think you will need it you sound very sorted. xxxxx


Good luck Chuddy, :)


Thanks guys, you are stars!


Chuddy ,

Welcome to the forum ( little late i know lol ) well done on your decission to quit and good luck .

Tracey x


Nice one Chuddy, you are now a fully initiated Monkey Bar-Steward :D

I was talking to a friend (never smoker) on Sat about stopping, after explaining to him my reasons and mind set he replied by saying he believes I really have stopped for good! Makes a change to people saying on previous quits 'wonder how long that'll last'. It also made me feel really good and boosted my confidence when he said it. It shows the self education is an important part of changing one's mindset and increasing determination.


Hi Chuddy

excellent :) the first day of the rest of your life has arrived. Hope its all going good - if you havent smoked then its all going good :)

stay positive and focused and use what you have learned.

Youuu da man !!!!


Woot!! Good luck hun :)

As you know we will all be here for you if you find you need any support or encouragment. :)




Nice one Chuddy, you are now a fully initiated Monkey Bar-Steward :D

It shows the self education is an important part of changing one's mindset and increasing determination.

How true - That's why I feel so confident this time - I have a whole different mindset.. I don't feel as though I am constantly denying myself a ciggie - I feel happy to be in control of what I want and what I don't want.


Thanks to all

Well, day 1 of the quit couldn't have gone much better, really.

It started with visiting the doctor to discuss NRT. My desire to go cold turkey, non-NRT, was confirmed with this visit.

After logging on the forum here for the first time today, my confidence towards this quit was reinforced tenfold by ALL your kind words of encouragement. No-one should ever underestimate the effort you guys put into this forum!

I ended up in the pub after work, with a couple of mates who I haven't seen in a while, both of whom are smokers. I managed to go outside every time they smoked without smoking myself. Yes, the urges were there, but hey, it's one day in, I can deal with them almost nonchalantly for now.

When I got back home about 20 minutes ago, I found a card from my Dad and Stepmum in my postbox wishing me luck with the quit, which has given the greatest encouragement so far. It's now pinned to my door alongside my Mum and Dad and a short piece which someone posted on here about a week ago, and provides me with yet more inspiration.

It's only day 1, of course, it may seem like I think this is going to be easy. I KNOW for sure, from what you guys have been through already, that this isn't an easy thing to do. But I think it will be easiER now, than if I had never come here!

All the best to stacey24, Pheonix, and billyc, and any other Obama Inaugration Quitters :D And not forgetting the rest of Team Monkey Bar-Stewards! Hope you're all doing well, like Tony says: KEEP THE FAITH!


Well Chuddy, you seem to have got all the right boxes ticked and prepared you are!

CT vs NRT - horses for courses and which ever suits I wish you the best of luck. Well done for day 1.

When the crave hits hard, just remember that once you get through the crave (which will pass), it is absolutely certain that you will feel so much better afterwards for resisting than giving in.

Good luck for day 2 :D


I promise you Chuddy, just as someone did to me at the start of my quit, it gets easier by the day. Just get the first 3 to 5 days out of the way, get the nicotine out of your body and you are up and running. I'm now on day 10 or 11 (can't even remember) and I hope I don't come across as smug but I just have no desire to smoke any more. I realised I had turned the corner when I just didn't want that first ciggie of the day - my disgusting breakfast habit was two cups of tea followed by a cup of coffee and cigarette at 6.30am followed by several more cigarettes huddled in a corner outside the office before 9.00am. Good luck but I somehow don't think you are going to need it - you sound pretty focused


Dear the Chudster!

You are on the road to freedom! I am going to whoop like an american for you... hang on.... here we go... WHOAP! WHOAP!

You are going to get through it and here are some day 1 tips: 1. Keep your mind strong and focused 2. keep beating up your soft toys (but not golliwogs they are taboo after today) when you feel pissed off 3. eat loads of chewing gum like there is no tomorrow 4. keep a bloody diary and write down how you feel so that you can see how much you have progressed through the journey; 5. Walk a lot. Whenever you have the urge to smoke, go on a walk. Anywhere. but walk.

You are gonna do it..... Be strong!! DM x


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