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No Smoking Day
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Chuddy... Day 4-7

Evening all, just another quick post to let you know how I'm doing. Absolutely fine!

No severe cravings as such, only real symptoms are fidgetiness (is that a word?) and having to constantly remind myself that I don't smoke any more haha! I keep thinking, right, I'll go and have a cigarette, then I realise I'm an EX-smoker. It's not necessarily a need or a desire to smoke, just the habit of doing it before/after/during certain things.

Had two big tests over the weekend. One on saturday night when i went out for a few (many) beers, when inhibitions are generally discarded. Managed to hold someone else's lit fag in my hand while they nipped inside and not even a hint of wanting to smoke it! I'm rather chuffed. The other test was watching telly round my sister's house, where we usually smoke up pretty heavily. But nothing there either, just the fidgetiness. Nothing conscious, I didn't even realise I was doing it until she pointed it out.

So Tuesday will be one week for me, could be a year for all I care, this is really easy so far! Sorry to everyone else who is having a bit of a rough time of it, stay strong!

Oh, and many thanks for your words and encouragement on my previous updates :)

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Well done Chuddy,

I do think the thought of quitting is much worse than actually doing it.

Keep your guard up,



I am glad you had a good weekend and I hope things continue to go well for you.



Hi Chuddy,

Glad it is going well for you. I am about to enter week 3 and I felt exactly like you did at your stage of quit. Easy peasy, now I'm not so sure. Had a particularly rotten weekend which should have sent me rushing for a packet of 20 but I didn't. I don't actually want to smoke, find the smell disgusting but (and I suspect its Mr Nicotine's mind games) over the weekend I thought I was missing "my little white stick" and at one point really considered "do I really want to stop smoking". Of course I do but it's strange at this point of my quit, which has been going so well, I suddenly start thinking about cigarettes again. It will pass but I'm going to have to keep my guard up.


Hey Chuddy!

Glad to hear your doing so well mate nice one! keep up the solid effort, and we'll soon be celebrating the first month ;)


Thanks for the words folks, they're always appreciated :)

Biddy - I've been getting those 'I'm missing it' and 'do I really want to quit' feelings as well. It's Mr Nicotine's mind games indeed (Hey, why is it 'Mr' nicotine? Can't he be a she? Or non-gender specific? :p ) And the smell... we have this delivery driver from a certain courier where I work, heavy smoker, and every time he drops us off any packages, they stink of stale roll-ups for ages. Nearly makes me physically sick.... I sure as hell don't want that to be me in 20 odd years time!

Jimi - how you getting on? That first month is so close already I can taste it :rolleyes:


Hi Chuddy, know what you mean about the habit of popping out for a smoke. Spent the other day almost constantly telling myself, No I won't do that, I dont smoke any more, just before the hoovering, before the cooking, before picking up the kids. It was exhausting ! LOL.

Feel quite smug when I go past someone who stinks of cigs. Am really suprised how much my husband does, we both wear coats outside etc. but it clings to everything, the other day I walked into a room and could tall he'd been there before me. When I think of the times when we would sneak outside when his parents were staying (avid anti-smokers) and then come back in thinking they wouldnt know. LOL


We have to remember that any habit takes time to break. It took time to form the habit but now we need to reprogramme our brains in order to get out of the habit.

But we can take heart that a habit CAN be broken - it just takes time.

Well done lozza and chuddy - keep the faith!!


Well done both of you.

Do you know i had forgotten how difficult things were back in week 1 with those horrible feelings of "oh i will just have a ciggy now before i do the cleaning etc" and then to remember you dont smoke, you are right they are exhausting but the good news is im only on day 27 and i rarely have them now.

Jerry is so right with what she says, the habit has been built up over years so will take a while for our brains to realise that we dont actually do that any more but you will get there, thats for sure :)




Saying that Denise, some of us younger smokers have it easy compared to you guys I reckon. I've been smoking for only 8 years ( I had been smoking for 8 years ;) ), whereas some of you others have been on it 20, 30, 40 odd years, which I'd imagine is an infinitely harder habit to break.

At the end of the day though, it's still a habit! And yes, we will ALL get there :D


Nice one Chuddy, have to say I found the early days fairly easy I think:confused: seems like so long ago now :D I wouldn't say I'm finding it harder as such now, it's different though, I don't find it difficult to not smoke but I had them on my mind a lot more for a few days in week 3, seems better now though and I hit week 4 in about4 hours - whoopee :cool:



Great stuff John, you are doing fab :)

Denise xx

Wont it be great if come January 10 we are all there together at the end :)

Really looking forward to that, not that im wishing my life away or anything lol


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