Mondays - Boooo!!!

Hi All

Day 4 and all is is well, however I did find today particularly hard today. Back at work to face the stresses of running a job on a cold building site with out the hint of a ciggie!

Could have murdered the guy stood near the door smoking his head off all day and all his nasty smoke blowing in - discusting habbit - oh my, I'm starting to sound like a true ex smoker :cool:

On a serious note, smoking was on my mind for the majority of the day but being able to say 4 days smoke free feels good. I have a confesion though, I got a little cranky when I got home :mad: I soon realised the rerror of my ways, apologised and all was forgiven and well again :o


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  • Yeah I can relate to the "cranky at home bit". Seem to be doing a fair bit of saying sorry myself, think fortunately those who are close understand, to a certain degree, and realise its for the greater good:o

  • Hi Paul

    Well done getting through a difficult day, guarantee next time it wont be quite as bad as today. You are doing so well hun, keep it up. And as for grumps well i think we are/have been like that when you are fighting the cravings.

    You are doing great hun stick with it :) There is a light at the end of the tunnel.



  • Oh well done on getting through today. Once you know you can do it, it will get easier. For me, it's the weekends that I find the hardest cos I've never smoked at work so I don't miss it during the week. Now I've done 2 weekends, I feel much more confident.

    You will feel the same, I am sure, when you have done a few days at work - remember that breaking a habit DOES take time but it will break if you GIVE it time!!

    Stick with it Paul - you are strong enough.

  • Cheers peeps,

    Feelings are I will find it slightly easier tomorrow. Unfortunately I am only running the installation of the security installation (cctv) not the entire job otherwise the guy smoking at the door would have been drop kicked. I do see this in a positive light though as even though being able to smell the smoke, it annoyed me apposed to tempted me - an achievement me thinks!

  • hi paul,,you are doing great,,each day will get better you will see,,we all get cranky at times,,i like jims dummy cctv:D that should stop them smoking if they know big brother is watching them ,you just keep the faith tony

  • Fishty - you got any dummy CCTV cameras ? - If so, get one of your lads to put one above the door - or covering the door area - tell your smoking friend that management want it to do a time and motion study on all their smokers - and so he'd be better off smoking <wherever> where there are no cameras.

    That'll sort him.

    Now that's a great idea :)

    That's definitely a good thing, Paul, being annoyed instead of tempted. You're making progress already :) Keep it up, man.

  • Yeah might just try the dummy camera - we are never popular putting camera's up. Everyone always thinks they are being spied on (to be honest they probably are)!

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