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No Smoking Day
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Starting again on monday with Uquitine

Well after some really miserable attemps and a useless smoking cessation nurse , im going for it again , this time i am going to use Uquitine herbal patches . They contain Lobelia infarta which is supposed to stop ciggerates from tasting nice whilst still giving the ciggie effect something like that anyway. Just waiting on my delivery to drop through the door. Also going to be taking st johns wort 3 times a day , to help with keeping the metabolism going and the rest of the stuff it does lol

Anyone else tried the herbal way , any sucesses? Have chosen this week as its half term so if im totally sleepy wont be so bad as no school run etc , just 4 kids to keep me busy ....should help

Roll on post hehe

So glad to see you all doing so well , a real insperation to us all

Congrats Guys keep it up!:D

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Nice to see you again Casey and well done for trying again. Good luck with the herbal stuff. Never heard of them myself so can't comment but hopefully they will help you to stay quit.

Hope it all goes well for you :)


Thanks Maddy ,

And congrats you have made it , Well done , and congrats on the engagment!!


welcome back, and well done on restarting a quit!

i havent heard of your patches, you will have to let us know how they are.


Welcome back Casey :)

I've not heard of those patches either, but whatever works eh?

Stay with us this time :)


thanks guys ,

Will be staying with it !!

Decided to order the tablets instead of patches , tablets easier hate wearing patches lol , contains the same lobelia so watch this space.........fingers crossed!


Welcome back Casey and good luck with the herbal tablets. I've not heard of them before it will be interesting to hear what they are like.


Just found out something interesting that there is actually lobelia in champix.................so will be interesting to see , apparently lobelia acts on the nervous system the same way nico does and also makes cigs taste nasty .like champix does?

My herrbalist has advised to use the lobelia compound which comes in tablet form , just waiting for it to arrive .forgot its bank holiday tomorrow bum!

Have a nice bank holiday someone make the rain go away :( typical uk bank holiday!


welcome back casey...

hope herbal stuff works for you...used alot of herbal bits and pieces myself...st johns wart, kalms, rescue remedy...certainly helped...but i am taking champix too...:o

not sure champix makes cigarettes taste bad tho - certainly didn't for me - you're supposed to smoke for the first week on champix...

hope tablets arrive on time - loads of luck:D



Hi ,

Thanks Nikki,

Well tabs are here apparently its the same method as champix smoke for first 4-10 days depends on your system and then i dont know lol .........on day 2 of taking them been taking st johns wort which i have noticed has started to work after 5 days so hoping these will work quick!

Scepitical but we will see

Good luck with the champix hope it all goes well for you



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