No Smoking Day
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I feel all grown up!

So here I am in months 4 & 5 (well in the morning I will be).

I look at the opening page with all the timeframes listed...suddenly I'm getting towards the top of the tree - it's like graduating school - only two more rooms exist after this.

I've had another weekend with my folks as we had football tickets again. Went out with freinds post match on Saturday and my other half was the only smoker left in thw group. He kept having to go outside on the blowing wind and rain - shame! Wish our Edinburgh freinds were the same but we have majority smokers up here.

I have had a stressful week trying to give up - no not the fags - but the food treats.

With the emergency clothes in play at the moment it has to stop - but why can I quit fags relatively painlessly but not the food?

Seriously if anyone has any answers / experience / links to this I will gladly listen. It's not even a hunger thing. I need a food forum :o

Anyway - best news of the weekend is my Mum thinking of quitting. Will be good to have a quit buddy in the family

Take Care


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Me to,

And also looking to cut down on the calories a bit.


hi i to have put on weight i think maybe because food tastes so much nicer now we are all healing:D


and me, i am a 36ince waist now,have to by some new jeans,,any one got any links ,, keep the faith tony


found this site for loseing weight[]hope it helps,having not looked at it yet tony



Huge well done on reaching this far :) that really is a great achievement.

The only thing i can say works for me is drinking water and chewing gum, stops me from eating anything in sight. I have strangely started losing weight.




Hi F2Q

Congrats on climbing the ladder :) great job!!

You should have gathered lots of precious info to pass onto your mum.


Well done F2Q - you're doing great. Don't worry about the weight thing yet... I read somewhere that at some point around the 6 month mark the metabolism returns to normal and your appetite starts to fade back to normal.

So I'm not doing anything about my extra stone or so until month 7 :D


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