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Hi All,

Just joined up.

I'm on day 3 of quiting and well and truly attached to my inhilator. Feeling like a druggy dependant on a crack pipe :eek: . Still better than ciggies! Actually feeling quite confident today although smoking is never too far away from the front of my mind. One thing I am impressed with is nicorette active stop (no I don't work for them :rolleyes: Just signed up for it and it looks well thought out and very helpful with lots of useful tips.

I'm well looking forward to a fresher future as I have two young daughters and want to be there for them as long as possibly can. The advert on telly is a gut rencher and spurred me into action and joined the local support group with nhs - cheaper cartridges - bonus :D


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Welcome to the site and congrats on your quit. the first week can be the hardest and your half way through. Keep posting you will have great support here there are some very good links in some members post you may find very helpfull. xxxx

Hi Fishtycuffs

Huge welcome to these forums, and well done on quitting the ciggys.

Children are a great incentive to help you decide on quitting, my 2 boys were my incentive as well as my health.

Good luck hun, like Linda said you are halfway through week 1. Post often as that will help and keep in touch.

Good Luck



NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Hello and welcome to the forum,

NRT can help you stop but re-education will help you stay stopped. There are links in my sig which provide a load of information and inspiration, which are worth a read.

All the best


Hi peeps,

Thanks for your kind supportive replies. I will certainly be replying often with updates and am having a root round for tips n advice (thanks for the links Nic).

So far I am having huge success with NRT and hope by the end of the 12 weeks my habits’ associated with smoking i.e. driving, work, drinking and before bed will have subsided. One can only hope that quitting NRT will be relatively easy (figuratively speaking).

I am finding that sharing with everyone is really helping and the support received is most grateful. I must say I have never been so determined and the fact I can speak to people about it really enforces the issue.

On a more personal note, I lost my dad to lung cancer when I was only 19, he was a young 45 and a very healthy guy - it destroyed me! I had a close relationship with my dad and spent many many days on the bank side fishing together. Anyone would think this would scare me out of smoking at the time, but 15 years on I'm still smoking, Arrrggggh! I couldn't bare the thought of putting my daughters through the same due to something I could avoid by just quitting smoking. My eldest daughter is nearly 6 and has imitated me smoking (how sad), my youngest is only 12 weeks. MOTIVATION!!!

Despite the immense determination I am finding it hard to stop thinking about smoking. I'm sure there will be times I will find it really hard, but I will endeavour to resist temptation and just suck like mad on my inhalator.

Once again - a big thanks and I'll post back with progress and keep checking in on how everyone else is doing.


hello fishty!

welcome to the group, im new here to but there is 1 thing i can tell u. it is that when u are feeling low it is always helpfull to visit this site there is always some1 to help you through and give u encouragement, good luck to the future xx

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