No Smoking Day

what benefits have you found

what benefits have you found since you stoped smoking,,i have made a short list of things of value since i quit,,whats your benefits and value since you quit,

every breath that i take is full and deep and smoke free

stopping smoking is one of the greatest gifts in my life today

im thankful for the life i live now,free of nicotine

dont smell of smoke any more

we should make a list of values,and keep them in one post for all benefits and values,,it might help to look at them from time to time,,keep the faith tony

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benefit that i have found

well seeing as the rest have been mentioned then my benefit is .....

being able to laugh without going red and trying to catch my breath.




The benefits are just about everything:D

1,Better breathing.

2,Brighter teeth.

3,Brighter skin.

4,lower Blood pessure.

5,More money.

..... the list could go on and on.



Apart from the list of benefits already mentioned(i dito that)

the biggest life changing benefit is more time!!!!!!!!


Errrr I sweat less!


hi shabba

another one for the list

food tastes better



hi margareth!

food tasting toooooo good at the moment piling on the pounds-start the gym tonight-ahhhh!!!:eek:


i can run! for a good length of time!

im richer

my body feels stronger


New Bags

I know it's any excuse BUT I am now able to contemplate those tiny evening handbags that fit very little in - previously too small.

Before the smoking ban - needed to fit 40 fags in for a night out

After smoking ban - needed to fit 20 in.


I love that one!


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