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What benefits are you seeing?

I'm on Day 62 today. Just been to the pub for the first time and had 3 vodkas, got a bit drunk and had no cigarettes. My first time ever, EVER, in the pub without smoking. I'm drunk but invincible.

Just wondered what benefits everyone else is feeling at this stage.

The one that's surprised me the most is that my cuticles have stopped splitting. I didn't even know my sore cuticles were because of smoking.

The skin on my feet is smooth.

I have stopped having speckly phlegm now - it's just clear (I purposely try and cough things up to see whats happening)

My hands and feet are toasty warm. Really warm, I am down to 21 degrees on the central heating (used to have it at 22.5)

My face is a much better colour, i *think* i am starting to see a reduction in wrinkles - i definitely don't look as grey and tired.

I am not sure about my fitness yet, I don't really exercise but have to pull my daughter up a big hill on her scooter which i think might be a bit easier.

Emotionally, my anxiety has pretty much gone and I am much more even tempered now I am not annoyed that I can't smoke all the time.

I noticed (and this is what triggered my quit) that the hair on my legs has thinned - I overheard a conversation between some 70 year olds about how their leg hair has stopped growing because of poor circulation, and realised that mine was nowhere near like it used to be and looked it up and saw peripheral vascular disease and quit. I would like to think it will start growing stronger again but there is no sign of that yet.

would love to hear how your body / mind is recovering.

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Wow Nato that's a great list! Congratulations on your smoke-free vodka session :)

This was lovely to read, coz I've sort of stopped looking for benefits now (nearly 10 months in) and it's nice to remember how exciting things like warm hands, better skin and easier physical activity really are! Well done, and happy Christmas!


Well done on reaping the benefits that you seen from not smoking. I for one stopped smoking almost 1 year ago now and most of those benefits that you have mentioned I have had. as well you'll definitely notice the exercise and fitness level get much better I think mine on months between 3 and 6 and now I feel invincible too!


Nato...Nice thing this quitting thing and the reason is the re-discovery of our lives, senses, body health etc etc.... the list of new things just never stops...For me anyway.. So enjoy it the good and the bad and be assured this smoke free life is goooooooooood !!!!! Merry Christmas and happy new year... !


Congratulations and keep it up :)

At that period the most noticeable difference for me was improvement of breathing. Changes are dramatic but gradual so it is hard to pinpoint specific things.

For me the best improvement was in health - I used to get bronchitis like it was scheduled. Twice a year I would be ill for about two weeks coughing.

Even the flu has abandoned me. Few times I thought I was getting ill but unfortunately it was false alarm - no more sick days for me but I think that's a good trade.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :)



yes warm hands and feet were the first thing I really noticed. I used to always feel cold and now I feel warm all the time its lovely :) noticed that I spring into gear in the morning much easier. The biggest difference though and what led me to finally pick - nicotine or no nicotine was that was getting anxiety attacks or palpitations of unknown cause but these totally stopped as soon as I put out the last cigarette actually. Life is not easier, but it is more comfortable as a non smoker :)


First thing I noticed was that after a few days of starting my quit that tell tale smokers early morning cough started to disappear.

I had more energy.

Now 4 months into my quit it's starting to feel normal and I don't have to try hard at it any more.

What is really noticeable is my voice. Years ago I used to enjoy singing but my voice seemed to go which is hardly surprising after more than 30 years of smoking. Over the last couple of weeks there were two occasions when I was forced to test my voice, one at a dear friend's funeral and the other at a Carol concert . I used to just mouth the words silently in situations like this but much to my amazement I found I was able to join in and even hit a few of the higher notes that used to be impossible. It just shows how your lung function really does improve even after 30 years of being poisoned by smoking.

But, for me what's really most safisfying is the feeling of freedom I'm getting now that I'm not smoking. No more feeling guilty for doing something I always wished I didn't but just couldn't stop, or thought I couldn't live without.:)


Huge well done on reaching Day 62 Nato, I am glad you are seeing benefits, Like Karri, I am not yet seeing any health benefits, other than I don't sound hoarse anymore and I believe through time I will and just have to be patient. Wishing you continued success in your quit.


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