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Doing OK


On day 3 with patches and OK at the moment. Have had to take patch off at bedtime as I started with nightmares and not sure if it is the nicotine in the patches. Not missed first cigarette in the morning - danger time is when I get home after work when I would have had one but busy myself doing dinner and have a glass of wine instead (I have never been able to drink and smoke at the same time). Got a friend doing it with me as well so if either of us feels wobbly we text each other. Hope I can do it this time.

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Well done Biddy & friend

Day three Great glad things are going good for you also having a mate quit with you really helps you should tell her to come join you here. Have a good day. xxxxx

I'm going to e mail her the web site.

Well done biddy-you are doing really great xxxxxx

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Good going Biddy!

Well done

Good job, Biddy! So far so good, that's a wise idea replacing the evening smoke with something else. Keep it up!

Hey biddy

great going on staying quit! Doing fab! Keep up the good work and feel free to post whenever you require.

Hope you have been reading through the sites recommended.

I have indeed and they are most helpful. Most of the time I don't think about cigarettes and if the odd thought does pop into my mind then I click on this web site and remind myself why I am doing this!

Hi Biddy,

Well done hun you are doing great, having someone you know that has quit to does help loads, me and my sister quit the same time and has helped loads.

Keep it up hun



I'm with ya! Getting home from work is usually my time of weekness. Can't get over the fact you don't smoke with a drink - the two go together for me so the local has been back healed for a few weeks!

Good Luck

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