Day 2 - Doing OK

Getting through last night was harder than getting through the day, I wanted to go to bed about 7.30pm!!!

Followed the same routine this morning - put on the patch as soon as I woke up and only had the gum after the school run. Feeling pretty good today, very chuffed that I managed to get through day 1 without too much difficulty.

I really think the patches and gum are helping me a lot.

Good luck everyone xx

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  • Well done - keep up the good work!


  • well done you, im on my second day also feels a bit easier but we will see.

    im using the patches and the inhaltor which is good for when I have the urge to put something to my mouth.

    good luck x

  • Thanks Andy... the support within this forum is brilliant, it's so nice to know that there are other people out there who know how difficult this can be.

  • Thanks Hannah - I opted out of using the inhalator because I was worried it would make me really miss the whole smoking thing - how are you finding it? As I found last night the hardest (when I have that lovely glass of wine!! which I'm just not ready to give up yet!!) I wonder if an inhalator might help reduce the boredom in the evenings.

  • hi, i think its great, it defo works when your having wine or a drink, like im at work now and really wanting to go outside for a cig with me mates but i do but take my inhalator with me. its working so far ill just see how its goes .

    i suppose its better to try the inhalator than thinking oh i could have a fag (it works for me)

    good luck xx

  • Sugar Free Lollipops help!

    Hi all,

    If you're stuck with putting something in your mouth/hands, someone suggested carrying a drink straw in half and carrying that and puffing on it when needed.

    I like the chupa chups sugar free lollipops, but then again if it's food I'll eat it!! :D

  • Chupa chups are great, as I discovered last night! Have now eaten both the kids and will embark on a marathon chupa-chup shop at lunchtime:D

  • BTW - that's the kids lollies, have not actually eaten the kids:eek:

  • Well done Aly:D

    Keep it going.... I havent tried the gum, im sucking on rhubarb n custard sweets lol


  • Well done Aly:D

    Keep it going.... I havent tried the gum, im sucking on rhubarb n custard sweets lol


    Opal fruits 'summer burst' they are pretty good too, only now i might be getting addicted to them!

  • That actually made me laugh really loud.. Vicstar!! Haha :)

  • Chubba chops seem to be most popular! I spent most of my quit smoking money on cadburys easter eggs last year, that helped my urges though made my belly bigger :o

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