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doing ok but was just really thinking of smoking

all is pretty good with me..had some upset earlier and was really contemplating on having a cig..i resisted of course but it wasnt easy let me tell you!!:( i was just now also thinking about it and it is really annoying. tomorrow will be 21 days smoke free:D at the end of three weeks and i am proud of my accomplishments. just cant wait to see if i will EVER go one day without thinking about it!! hope everyone is doing well with their quit!! congrats to far so doing it ct and with the help of this forum:) so many great people on here!! i keep thinking about week one and how it is gotten so much better so it gives me hope that in 3 weeks from now it will be even better!! just trying to ride the crave wave:(

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Don't worry about the thoughts of smoking, their impact fades in time, what is important is what to do with the thoughts. Don't spend time pondering over them, be positive with yourself and say no, tell yourself why and find something to occupy your mind, so you've kicked that thought firmly in the backside before it can grow into a possibility.

Three weeks is tremendous and one month is just around that corner. I know it may not feel like it sometimes, but you are doing a really fantastic job, if you think back to week one, did you ever imagine what it would be like at week 3?

Keep at it, you've done the really hard stuff, keep it positive and kick those thoughts out of you're head with a firm dismissal.

Lorraine :)


Acknowledge you want one BUT do you want the other 1000,s that go with it and the health risks etc etc etc

its never just one its a complete package :(



Quitter, well done for pusing them away even being upset. That was the hardest part for me. I was really upset at one point, was arguing with my hubby and sister at the same time and felt so sorry for myself and would have loved to have lifted a ciggie, however I thought, smoking this will not resolve this argument. I still think about smoking too but it is easy enough to just ignore the notion that comes over you.

Well done,

P.S Are you staying on week 3 of moving to month 1?

Jill xxx


thank you everyone for your thoughts!! they are helpful as always:D:D i made it though and today i am 21 days free!! i know thoughts are thoughts and there is nothing that i can do about them...just move on!! i had a rough morning and also made it to work smoke free..thanks again everyone for your support..wishing everyone another great smoke free day:)


You are doing great. Don't worry about thoughts of cigarettes, you smoked for so long and so many a day, it's natural that they are around in your mind. When it appears do something else or just remind yourself that it is only a memory and you don't have to take it on board.

Best wishes.



As Jackie says, you spent a great number of hours and mins smoking or thinking about smoking during your life. You are going to think about it alot over the coming weeks and months.

3 Months down the line I don't wake up and think about smoking. The first thought is usually wow, I have thought about smoking yet, because it was all comsuming in the begining. But even now I do still think of it. Especially as at the moment I am in the throws of the last of the terrible 3's.

Stay stong, thinking about smoking isn't a problem, acting on it is.



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