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New member, second week, doing OK

HI, forgive me for jumping in, but I'm really liking the look of this forum and you all seem to be a positive help for each other, so I'd like to get involved too. :)

I smoked approx 30 a day up until last monday, so I'm just into my second week now. Got through my first weekend okay, mainly by staying in, which was well dull, but I came out the other side still off the fags so it was the right thing to do. ;)

For people like us who are quitting, there's a ton of feelings we go through on our journey to escape from smoking. I think at this early stage one of the most depressing and dangerous feelings we struggle with is a sense of 'inevitability'; a sense that the cigarettes will overwhelm you eventually. It's this that has often got the better of me before.

But I don't know about you guys, but this time I'm feeling like putting up a fight and asking "who says I have to crumble or give in"? Basically, I'd like to think I've come this far with a positive mental attitude, a determination to stay with the present and not fret too much about the future and a certain amount of bloody-mindedness, so I hope you can relate to this if you're doing well or aspire to this if you're struggling. I know I'm not out of the woods yet but you have to grab positivity when you find it and use it.

Keep going, peeps!

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Welcome Hudstar

... And well done for beating the weed!


Welcome! the hudstar!

Amazing post you said it all!

Welcome to the site glad you liked the look of us, we try our best ;)

Congratulations on arriving to week2!! Major hurdle, Keep it up!


Weldone - and welcome! You're on day nine, same as me... this site has be a God send.


why not?

True. I believe (and painful experience has taught me) that when it comes to smoking you've got to go in with all the ammunition you can. Use NRT, join a local smokers group -don't scoff, they can actually be really helpful-, quit with friends or family, join a forum like this, whatever it takes.

By being pragmatic like this it really scares the crap out of your personal smoking demon because you're bringing the big guns to the battle. Lol. *

* -you'll have to forgive me, I often find an imagination can be a useful tool.- :p


* -you'll have to forgive me, I often find an imagination can be a useful tool.- :p

This is so very true! I agree with all the quit tools you mentioned too, unfortunately this quit was an unexpected one for me!

Fortunately by finding this forum I have had an instant network of support! it's been a god send for sure, otherwise I would of felt quite alone!

Oh and my addiction to tacky cheesy smilies :D the tackier the better hahaha you'll have to get used to that with a few of us


Who are you talking about there Buffy? :eek:


The emoticon addicts :D Think I may have open another support site!


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