Ok day one

Well today is day 1. Yesterday I came to this decision. I was talking to the girlfriend and was looking around my apartment and was totally disgusted. I really hate the smell, the filth and what it has done to me. actually I have felt this way for a long time. I have had some patches sitting beside my bed for the past year going this will be the day. I had my last smoke about a hr ago. I made that decision last night one more this morning and that's it. We will see how it goes.

Day 1 uuuuummmmm

Well lets see how day one is

Oh yeah I did put the patch on

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  • Hi BB and Welcome!

    It's a big decision, but after a year of mulling over it, there's no time like right now... Stay strong, and reach out if you need help!


  • Good luck BB I will be joining you from tomorrow. Hope to make it this time, stay strong and make it stick , every minute you dont smoke you are a minute closer to freedom, try not to slip back like I have.

  • your quit

    good morning Barrie you said in a reply to somebody else's post "try and not slip back like I did".

    You didn't slip back you just didn't succeed.

    All we're asked to do is to try. What did my old granny say "God Loves a trier" Best of luck with your quit

    Lefoy123(a.k.a. Michael) Glasgow

  • Hey barrie, ignore the slip, on wards and upwards! You could have so easily just carried on smoking which most people do! Good luck, day 2 soon!

  • Oh and bambam, welcome!! Hope day one is not too aarrghh. Days 1-3 were baadd! I'm on day 6, its a lot better! I know everybody says it but it is, check out us in the 3, 4-7 forums and the people just ahead of you for encouragement. It's still soo hard for me, but when I think I was on 20 a day a week ago you see how far you come. We are here for you! Keep us posted! Xx

  • OK 24hours done all I am committing to is that I am not going to smoke tomorrow. :)

  • OK 24hours done all I am committing to is that I am not going to smoke tomorrow. :)

    Well done Barrie.....and the best thing is that that is all you EVER have to commit too. :)

    Welcome Bambam.....hope you too made it through the first 24.

  • Thats the way to do it Barrie. Forget next week, next month just keep beating tomorrow and you will do fine.

    Hope day one has also been a success for you Bambam

  • I cant really commit to anymore and retain any credibility I have failed too many times for that.

  • Forget the failures they are in the past. This is now. There are many of us on here that have multiple attempts. We keep trying then one day we succeed. This can be the one for you. Just keep getting through tomorrow.

    Good luck and stay positive

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