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grandson smoking again


sorry to say ,my grandson adam is back smoking again,,not much i can say,,but his girl friend is not very happy,,she says if your grandad can stop smoking after all them years, so can you,,grandson then says dont compair me to my grandad,,,,im right in the middle here,dont no what to say or the girl friend says to adam when they kiss its like kissing an ash tray,dear o dear,,help me here you lot, what do i say to help,, with out up setting them boat...dont want to look like im takeing sides ..again you lot keep the faith tony

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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

What a shame Tony.

Probably too young to understand yet Tony!

Hi tony

Sorry to hear that , i guess there isnt much you can say to him other than that if he wants to stop you can help him do so. If he doesnt want to stop then he will smoke..end of.

Nothing you can say,Tony:( its a shame but hopefully he will see the light soon.

Awww that is a shame Tony, but as others have said i dont think there is a lot you can do, he really does need to want to quit to be able to, and maybe now isnt the right time for him to take control.

Tell him you will be there for him when he does decide to quit which he will do.



Hi Tony,

Can you get him to sign up to this forum? It has been the best thing that has happened to me for a long time!!:D

I think he already had a look around the forum...

Anyway, the others have already said it..... but he has to want to quit for himself.

You won't be able to persuade him. Nor his girlfriend. Nor anyone else.

If he wants to, truly wants to. He will. No matter how many attempts it takes. He will quit and quit for good. But only if he really wants to.

Don't let it upset your quit though Tony.... keep the faith!

thank you all ,will let him make his own mind up,,to smoke or not to smoke.. keep the faith tony

Hi Tony

I know its hard to find out your grandson has started again, however it is his choice, you need to tell him how well he did do with his quit and his attempt, and when he is ready again you will be there to support him

If people-including his girlfriend see him as a 'failure' it will put him off trying to stop in the future-due to the fear of failure and letting 'you' and his girlfriend down.

many people on this forum have failed in the past, and people on this forum will fail, but that does not mean to say they are weak -they were and are strong and one day he will be ready to start the fight again.

go easy on him-tell his girlfriend to stop nagging, it doesnt help, he will try again, hopefully without the fear of failure, AND DONT BRING UP THE ISSUE OF SMOKING every time you see him as this will put undue pressure on him!!!!

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