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Seriously thinking about smoking again!

Hello all

My first post in month 3, I am on day 96 and as the title suggests that's my feelings!

Just been away for a three day trip with my boys football club, really enjoyed it, but I am now finding myself snapping and being downright horrible to my wife and kids. It's getting so bad that I feel that I might start again, as I was never this bad to the ones I hold dear when I smoked and I figure that if I was to go early due to some smoking related illness, at least they would remember the nice (bad smelling) Shaun instead of this horrible little sh*t I am slowly turning into!

I am really struggling, this is the worst I have ever felt since I packed in! I went for a walk tonight as I normally do now, but seriously if I had found half a cig on the street I would have picked it up and bought some matches and smoked it, in fact I was looking for that cigarette butt!

Good luck to you all, but I feel I will be on back to day 1 tomorrow!

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NO, NO , NO, NO,

Please don't. From someone who has lost many a quit DON'T DO IT.

The next quit probably won't be so easy, they are all different beleive me.


Do what you need to do, get yourself off to bed. Sleep on it, get up, breathe, be proud of yourself. JUST DON'T SMOKE, or you will have to join me & you won't like that, beleive me. ;)

G xxx


Don't do it Shaun you will regret it come on here rant and rave what ever you want to, please. x


dont do it!! i know how you are feeling because this happened to me today! i am on 4 months quit and i have been doing soooooo great over the past 2 months and today it hit me...i wanted a smoke so bad and i thought to myself..what the hell is going on here??:mad: iv been feeling down since i came back from vacation because i couldnt bring my husband home with me (long story,,dont ask) i had just ate dinner and spoke with my hubby on skype and then i was laying down thinking how badly i could go for a smoke:eek:

i didnt do it...instead i got up and ran on the treadmill, after i punched a pillow several times of course, and while i was running i was crying and when i was done crying i ran somemore and when i was finally done i felt better and knew i couldnt have run like that if i was still smoking!! it is tough to fight it sometimes i know but if i give in its gonna be tougher to go through it again:eek: take care good luck and keep strong!! 3 months is a long time to dont give up all your hard work just cause you are having a bad day!


No way

Hi Shaun ,

NO WAY ... IT IS A BAD DAY ... a Temporary discomfort ... It will pass you know that ... don't give in ... sit down and listen to what you say to yourself ... I don't mind it takes me early .... at least they remember me as a happy stinking Shaun ...

Seriously ... You can't be serious on that one ... Tomorrow is another day ... Smile Shaun ... maybe try something new in life maybe a Cooking Class ..:D



Hello Shaun

I am just a wee bit ahead of you; count yourself lucky that you are just a wee bit horrible now; have been horrible all during my quit. It's a wonder that o/h and children have not just drowned me in swimming pool.

The children have both told me that they would rather have their Mum cranky (and fat) than smoke.

I have thought about it; the pounds would drop off; I would walk around with a sigh of contentment...I would smell, my children would see me give up...know their mum is a weak willed idiot...would have their healing lungs filled up with their mum's smoke again...would walk around with their hair and clothes smelling of smoke..would be embarrased by me when I run outside on school trips to grab a few puffs and comes back in stinking..not to mention the potential health problems they may see their mum encounter :(

Please don't do it Shaun; it will pass.



Ok Shaun I dont know you and your wife and children but I bet that its not there desire to see you smoking again, is it??? but if you dont mind letting them see you struggling to breath and stinking of fags but happy, er who said you were happy when you smoked, so you where so happy you decided to quit, so tell us why you quit and then we can say we understand, of course you had bad days when you were a smoker you cant tell us you were nice all the time we all have snappy bad days.

Face the fact that you had a bad day you snapped at the wife and kids, kicked the dog but at least they will have a dad that smells good can keep up with them when you go for a walk and they want be ashamed or sad to introduce there future daughter/son inlaws to you and your new granchildren when they come along will have a grandad not a step grandad.

See now their will be loads berating me for being so blunt but sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind, without this bad day how would you know the good ones.


Hello again

Thanks for all your responses, they have really helped, you will be all pleased to know that I managed to resist, but I still don't know for how long, that urge is still there, I'm sorry!

Yet another day has gone past were yes, I have remained smoke free, but have still been a complete, arrogant pain in the ar*e. I went for my walk and didn't look for cigarette butts, just thought hey I will buy some! (I didn't) I guess I think I can't physically buy them at the moment but god! If I'm offered I'll snap their hands off.

I really appreciate your responses and advice, to know you are out there for me is really, really helpful. Thanks

Just a personal response to all who replied to this, Never, Betty, I'm a, Fitwith, breezy and jamangie, thanks heaps! I loved all your comments, I just hope I have the same faith in myself that you have shown in me?

Take care


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