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coming off the patches !!!


Can someone advise me with coming off the patches. Is it like day 1 again? are the cravings bad again? need help with this.

janet xxxxxxx:confused: tried to take patch off but feelling very dizzy and sick so put patch back on. only on week 6 perhaps i should continue with the program of 12 weeks and reduce the patch then take it off . ?????

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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

When I came of lozenges the 1st 3 days, while the nicotine leaves the system was a bit tricky but generally I just felt a bit odd than craving as such. After that it was fine for a few days then in the 2nd week there were some strong urged but by the end of the week it was no different from being on them!

Really its just a case of toughing it out!

All the best


Hi janet ,

Firstly i wanted to say well done in your quit so far you are doing great so keep up the great work !:)

Can someone advise me with coming off the patches. Is it like day 1 again? are the cravings bad again?

I did the 12 week step down program and personaly looking back wished i came of the patches a lot sooner . Be prepared as when you "step down " you might experience some witdrawel symptoms like you did at the begining but they will be nowhere near as bad as when you first quit !!

anyway hope this has helped and good luck with the rest of your quit .

Tracey x

Hi Janet.

I came off the patches (by accident) after about 6/7 weeks.

The first week or so was tricky, strong cravings and psycologically trying to tell myself that 'one wouldn't hurt' even though deep down I knew it would!

I kept busy -not difficult as we had just adopted a 10 week old puppy- and was soon back to normal, just the odd weak urge to smoke, quickly stamped out.

Maybe you should go with the suggestion of cutting the patches down (literally) to start with and see what happens. I decided to forget the patches altogether after I had forgotten to put them on for 2 days in a row!

Whatever you decide, keep up the reading-I found it really helped me to understand why I smoked which in turn helped me to stay strong in my quit.

All the best.


Well done so far have you come down the stages 6

6weeks 21mg 2weeks 14mg 2 weeks 7 mg its realy not that bad anyway you are doing very well good luck :)Jimbo

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