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Hello Again,

It's a me post, and to be honest I've not needed so many of these recently because I'm feeling under control - well of the smoking that is ;)

I read a lot of amazing stories under the "my reasons" tonight, and still struggle to post in there almost three months on. I will never have a genuine reason why I decided to stop, as the decision was taken away from me to a great extent. The important thing today though is that I chose to continue when I didn't have to.

I re-read again my early posts and some of the posts I have seen new quitters put up inthe last few days could well have been me.

It all seemed so desperate, but then we are just drug addicts whichever way you look at things :rolleyes:

The good thing is to everyone who gets this far is I am not obsessed any more but without the continued support of this forum I know I would not be here today.

We've seen it posted in various ways, but the key really is knowing why you smoke and breaking that. The "cravings" are not that bad EVER. Toothache is much worse and constant.

I have done a lot of soul searching to understand my smoking and realise I smoked to stop me over eating, but it is just transfering the addiction.

I count myself lucky that I am not a drinker, but that is partly because once I start I cannot stop, so it is just easier not to.

I went to my weight counciller on Friday, yes, I have one, and I now need to apply the same resolve to my food issues as I did / am doing to the fags. If I can disapline a DRUG I hope to be able to tackle the food, although the food crutch for comfort is far more embedded within my physche than the cigarettes. I need an equivalent anonymous support group for the food :D

So I've bared my soul a little, it's not pretty, but I hope someone else will be able to take solace that perhaps they relate to the story & if I can do it I'm sure others will.

I've got three calendar months coming up soon & hopefully a return to the gym next week.

Take Care Everyone


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Thanks for your inspiring post.

I am sure you will be able to tackle your food issues - I am trying not to worry about food at the moment while I am in the early stages of quitting but I know I will have to tackle my addiction to food too soon.

Please keep us posted to let us know how you are getting on and keep up the inspiring posts!

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