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No Smoking Day
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Day 9 forgot to post yesterday

Well heres day 9, and i seem to be doing ok, yesterday seemed easy (too easy i thought), and today, im looking after the g/friends kids, so a couple of hairy moments where i thought i would cave, cos of the hassle lol

Still ive not given in to temptation as yet, so im keeping a positive attitude, and not trying to think about it.

It seems to me, now, that the cravings are a lot less frequent, but when they do hit, they seem a lot lot stronger, but over a lot quicker, does anyone else find this?



ps does anyone else find they fart a lot more, since stopping?:o

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Mate, I fart more, eat more, my wife thought I was going insane the first couple of days cause I was just flapping around making odd noises. Calmed a bit now though:cool: I agree with the cravings being stronger but less regular - I keep saying 'I want a fag - so I don't' which is exactly how I feel, how can you argue with yourself, it just doesn't make sense:confused:

Good luck anyway:)


Ha Ha fully agree mate, I keep saying to my partner, "i need a fag, but I dont smoke", and weird stuff like that, and wandering around, looking for things to eat and do, then forgetting what i went into the kitchen for.

I also think things like, think "Ooo ive not had a fag for a while" then get up to have one, genuinely thinking i still smoke, before remembering ive not got any, and ive been stopped over a week.

Perhaps insanity is a protection form the evils of smoking lol


Hi Glinja

Good job on getting to day 9 :)

Part of the process in becoming a non smoker is letting go of past habits ...things you used to do as a smoker you now have to learn to do as a non smoker . Sometimes your brain is in the old way of doing things and you need to shake yourself a little and remind yourself that you now do things differently .

At the end of a meal is a favourite time for a cigarette - it used to signify the meal was finished for me....i had to replace that with a cuppa tea and a biscuit for a while, just until i got used to doing old habits differently.

I agree that in week 2 the cravings are less but they seem more intense , you should take satisfaction from every craving that you have recognised and passed by, with each one gone its one less to worry about and the more you do this the more the craving themselves will weaken , until at one point you will find yourself halfway through a day and think " i havent had a craving all day " .

You are on track with your quit , the weekend is looming and your rountine will be different for the weekend than on weekdays . Just keep doing what you are doing and stay close to the forum, use it for whatever means you must ..wether its to let of some steam or just record your progress.

Good luck and well done

All of the above applies to you also John.t5 ...a big well done to you for getting to day 9 :)


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