No Smoking Day

rough day

Hey guys,

I'v had a really rough day today - there was a mix up with staff at my work and I had to travel back and forth to Perth from Blairgowrie - round trip of 40 miles! I was so stressed that I really wanted a fag and I mean REALLY wanted a fag! Didn't have any, thank good, so I didnt cave in :) I popped a nicortte gum in my mouth instead and that wokred just as well!

I'm really proud of that - I really would have caved in 2day, but I didn't!! :D It's just been a crazy day, but its finished and theres a new day 2moro :)

Day 6 yay!!!!:D

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There will always be good days and bad days, what is important is that you deal with them and do so without smoking.

You must never give in, and the more often you succeed in banishing the feelings the easier it will become!

But you know that already, because you are already doing it!

Best wishes



Hi Phill

So pleased you stayed strong Mate. day 6 2morrow your doing so well you dont want to be doing week one again now do you. xxxxxx


Well done-there will always be bad days, but non smokers have bad days too-and they dont have a fag-and thats what you are -a non smoker! love to baby Lincoln and family-you are doing great!!!


Well done !!!

That must have been really hard with all that stress flying round your body. I quit this year too -thought might head was going to explode last night!! Today better. Hope you have a stress free day tomorrow.


Well done Phil for hanging in there, the thing is you didnt give in and have a ciggy. And today is Day 6, almost a week now hun :) how good is that going to be.

Stay strong hun you can do it :)




Good for you phill for fighting the urge. Next time will be easier.

Hang in there.


Every situation beaten is one more you don't have to worry about.

Practice makes perfect, there will be plenty more times like that - and each one gives you the opportunity to choose not to smoke. The more you make that choice the better you become at it.

Until it becomes so easy you don't have to think about it.

So - if you look at it that way - a bad day is a good day. Because struggling re-enforces your quit.

Well done for making the choice.


hi philip

well done indeed as everyone else has said it does get easier but we all get bad days:D



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