No Smoking Day
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day 3 morning was ok afternoon rough

this morning went absolutely amazing. nearly no thoughts about smoking what so ever!

this afternoon tho not so well...

i went to church and when i got home it was all i could do NOT to have a smoke.

i kept talking about it, and thinking about how it wouldn't be "so bad" and could just always try to quit again later.

thinking when does the cravings ever end?

i got myself on zyban a week ago today, dunno if it's really working all that well... and i am now chewing nicorette gum.

i was even around smokers this morning at the bus terminal. i didn't cave in. im ready to have one tho... i probably will cave.

do this all over again would be bad... but i dunno... maybe im just not ready yet.

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what is...

day 4 like???

at the end of the week 7 days is it easier?

i know... maybe im asking too much expecting miracles lol


I reckon you're more than ready!

You have done very well by not smoking around those who are!

Day 3 is hard and it will get easier, glad you are using NRT too.

This hour choose not to smoke and it isn't too hard, then the next the same again x x x

Go do something different, have a bath, read a mag, have an early night!!

Tomorrow is close by and is another day x x x x

There is no easy way to quit you need to use your will power and go for other things that you enjoy other than smoking!!

You have shown yourself already what you can achieve!!

Now be proud! and be positive, hold your head high and march onwards and upwards x x

~Buffy x x


day 4 like???

at the end of the week 7 days is it easier?

i know... maybe im asking too much expecting miracles lol

Just play it hour by hour!! people have different experiences from each other! no one can tell you exactly how you will feel or what will come of tomorrow! don't over think about what others say just keep on thinking about what you have done x x x x


thank you very much :)


im serious about quitting, but maybe not serious enough?

i hope i am tho...

i still haven't gotten rid of any smokes.

i just figure whats the point?

if i have a harry canary and feel like pulling my hair out, then ill just have one ... and continue not smoking from there or something like that.


:confused: :confused: :confused:


:confused: You need to gain more confidence in yourself that you CAN do this. If you have the attitude that it's ok to smoke then guess probably will. You need to stand up for your health and be harsh with yourself. Being too easy on yourself is not helpful. Firm up and know you CAN do it!! Keep posting and don't give in.


see this is just building more stress for me than not smoking...

standing firm and what if i cave in???

then i know ill feel worse.

i shouldn't have to feel bad if i cave and have one.


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