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I'm 24, from Maldives. I have been smoking for almost a year now. I started smoking while preparing for an exam which I thought at the time would relieve some stress. I told myself I would stop as soon as my studies were over. I didn't realize back then what a horrible idea it was. I haven't completed my studies just yet, but I feel, smoking is dragging me down a dark pit. I want to quit before I'm down under too deep. The sooner I do it, the easier I hope it would be.

Wish me luck!

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  • Wishing you so much luck! Be really strong, and be prepared for some tough days...I hope you're right and it's easier if you do it sooner! Most of us here smoked for much longer before we quit.

    Welcome aboard :)

  • A big warm hello from me, what a great choice you are making, Are you using any lozenge, patch ect, or going cold turky?

    Quitting does take a little bit of determination, as it's a addiction that is going to take a little while to break, but you know great news we have all had day one,s, and got through it. Hour by hour , bit by bit, you can quit, just believe you can.

    Look forward to your future posts.

    Now let's get your quit started.

  • going cold turky. thanks for the support.

  • Welcome you are making the right decision to quit. The hardest part is getting through the first few days, then it does get easier. It's well worth the discomfort for a few days to be free from the nicotine trap.

  • Thanks everyone :)

  • Morning how you dong today?

  • Tempted, but holding on.

  • Yes that temptation is strong, in the earl stages, but hold tight, ride the craves, it will get easier, sips of cold water, boild sweets, anything just done smoke.

    I,v said before but will say againg, the longer the quit, the weaker the crave becomes.

    You can do this you really can

  • Goof luck shxfee, ct all the way!

  • Massive cravings last night. Was able to ride it out though. Maybe I should get some patches, just in case. Moving on to day 2!

    Thank you guys. Reading posts on this forum really helps.

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