No Smoking Day
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hooray ive done 5 days!!!

feel very pleased with myself for not smoking and been reading about the health benefits, ive noticed my feet are warmer when i go to bed, before they were like blocks of ice, so thats good.

feeling a little light headed and feel like i need to have a right good clear-out next time i go to the lou.

its true.

eating enough for 2 but im not really bothered about that.

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Hello and welcome to the forum,

Congrats on getting 5 days under your belt!

The light headedness will be due to more oxygen in the blood, and the warm feet is usually down to better circulation, but at day 5 that would be awfully soon!

As well as reading about the health benefits do some reading on nicotine addiction, have a browse of the links on my signature!

Good luck



well come..5 days congrats to you..eating is better than smoking.theres no nicotine...carbon you body...your health is a lot better.ect ect..well done keep the faith tony


Welcome to the site and congrats on your quit day 6 today almost one whole week. xxxxxx


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