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Hi Everyone!


Just checking in with everyone and good luck to all you new year quitters!

I myself had a cracking smoke free Christmas and have more energy than ever before.

I did have a few days over the holiday where I had thoughts about wanting to smoke but I just kept the faith in my belief that I had made the right decision to stop......it passed eventually.

Over the holidays I have been out walking with the dog for at least two hours every day in the fresh, crisp, clean air - it has been absolutely fantastic. I haven't needed my inhalor and walking has been so enjoyable!

I have definitely noticed how much more energy I have.

Unfortunately, I enjoyed my food a bit too much and put on 5lbs so it is back to the diet today but I suppose lots of people put on weight at Christmas (even if they haven't stopped smoking).

Hope all is well with everyone else.

Lisa xx

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Glad you had a great Christmas - sounds like you're revelling in your freedom. Me too!

Had a wonderful time with the family, and thoroughly enjoyed not smoking!

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Hi Lisa

Glad you had a good Christmas, and its normal to have urges from time to time! You have done brilliantly, and it has been great to see you so resolute.

Here's to many more smoke free Christmas times.



glad you had a good christmas, smoke free. sod the 5lbs...january wouldnt be january without a bit of traditional annual salad eating! :D

tony will be happy that you kept the faith :)

laura x

hi lisa

glad you had a good xmas i know i did and plan to have a good new year

love margaretxxx

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