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junkie thinking


junkie thinking,,one puff won"t hurt

response.. one puff wiil always hurt me,,and it always will because im not a social smoker ..one puff and i"ll be smoking compulsively again.

junkie thinking

i only went one..


i have never wanted onle one,in fact,iwant 20-30 a day every day,i want them all


i"ll just be a social smoker


im a chronic,compulsive smoker,and once i smoke one i will be quickly thinking about the next one,social smokers can take it or leave it thats not me

junkie thinking

im doing so well,one wont hurt me


the only reason im doing so well is because i havent taken the first one,,yet once i do,i wont be doing well any more,,ill be smoking again


i will just stop again


sounde ease ,but why am a trying to kid,,look how long it took me to stop this time,,and once i start,how long will it take befour i get sick enough to face withdrawal again,,.in fact when im back in the grip of compulsion,what guarantee do i have that ill ever be able to stop again

junkie thinking

i dont care


what is it exactly that i think that i dont care about,,can i truthfully say i dont care about chest pains,,,i dont care about gagging in the morning,,i dont care about lung cancer,,no. i care about these thing very much,,thats why i stop smoking in the first place

other junkie thinking

why bother

we all have to die sometimes

i deserve to smoke

cigarettes are all i have

thev got to smoke

it would taste so good

there smoking and its doing them no harm

smoking wasnt really so bad

i know i can smoke just one .but i hope i can

just a few saying to think about, hope it will help some one..keep the faith all the best tony,


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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

So true Tony, and remember that non smokers don't think that way!

Keep the faith!


Good post tony. Linda xxxxx

Thanks for that Tony - im never going back to smoking!!!NO WAY!!!

Oh my god!! I have said at least half a dozen of those phrases before i quit, that has really made me sit up and think and brought home exactly why i have quit. Thanks Tony



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