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Evening All - Noobie Here

Good evening ladies and gents!

My name is Stu, and I shall start by telling you my story with smoking.

I started smoking age 13, I think for two reasons; one, my mum smokes and I thought it was acceptable, and two, peer pressure, so I was pretty much done for!

I am now 27, and smoked 20 a day for about the last 10 years.

My son was born almost four years ago, and I was adamant then that he would not be a smoker, and that I would do everything I could to be around (god willing) when he got older, so when he was a year old (took me that much time to work up the courage to do it!), my now wife and I bit the bullet and began nicotine replacement therapy on the advice of our GP.

It worked for us both for a few months, and I got to the stage that I wasn't even using the last few patches, and nor did I need them. But after a particularly stressful holiday in France, I hadn't even got home when I bought and smoked cigarettes. I was so disapointed. BUT - it's worthy to note that throughout that entire period, I felt like I was depriving myself every single day, which I think is why I failed to kick the weed for good.

Anyhow, I then tried hynotherapy, and that worked for all of about 6 hours before I smoked again. What a waste of £150.

But in September of this year I was getting rather bad chest pains (which in hindsight were more likely to have been muscular discomfort than anything more serious), and one evening I got so bad that I smoked a cigarette, and said thats it, no more.

I had already been listening to and reading Allen Carr's Easyway, which I feel also helped to push me over the edge.

I went three weeks and felt great, not one pang, not one cigarette, and it was amazing. I felt physically fitter, mentally stronger, and enjoying life so much more. Problem was, my wife and mother still smoked, which meant that everytime I went over to my mothers, I was faced with cigarettes. I didn't find that a challenge, but there was a slight temptation if I'm being honest. And all the time at home the smell, the paraph****ia, the butts, you know what I mean, it was really wearing me down.

So I started again for a few days, but then had a right stress about it, had a mass crying fit (I am a 6' bloke built fairly, although a bit too much around the middle now, and I never show emotion to that degree, so that shows how much it got me down).

Since then I went again for another couple of weeks, but have since taken to having the 'odd one' when out enjoying my favourite pastime - clay shooting - and thought I could control the addiction. It was easier at first because my wife quit with me this time, but even she has been struggling (she didn't read Allen Carr!).

But after three months, I have smoked perhaps 40 cigarettes, instead of my usual 20 a day, so a marked improvement to say the least!

But anyway, I have put this in the day one area, because I habe just put out the last cigarette, so technically I am back to the start again!

Hello to all!


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Hi Stu,

Your story is similar to a lot of us on here so be assured we all understand exactly what your going through/have been through and will support you as much as you need!

I normally say good luck but I always feel weird saying that cos I dont believe you need I will just say welcome and well done for your decision to quit!

My advice would be to read and research as much as you can to put you off smoking and make you realise it for what it is. A change in mental attitude is what will see you through.

Laura :)


Hi Stu and welcome.

As ld13 says your story is similar to lots of posters here.

I can certainly relate to the crying with frustration aspect-I think that's when I realised I was an addict and was letting the need to feed my addiction control me.

Education about the power of nicotine addiction is the key to making a quit successful-lots of really helpful stuff available on the internet-I'm sure some of my fellow posters will be able to supply links-I'm a complete technophobe myself but found these really helpful:

Just google them and (hopefully) they should come up.

As ld13 says, luck doesn't really come into it-mindset is really important as is support and encouragement and you'll find plenty of that on this forum.


hi stu wellcome to the fourm,.you have come to the right place,i smoked 30plus a day,it helps if you get all the info you can,ask your self why you smoked and why you want to stop,as id13 says a change in mental attitude,its up to you weather you smoke or not,.i say,if i can do it you can,,just keep the faith all the best tony.p.s.not far of 31 days,[SEE]


All the best with it Stu,

It is ahard thing to doubt!

I, too, am convinced that what makes a quit stick is doing some work getting information about your own habit and what nicotine does in, for me, getting on the forum.

You can do it, for SURE!!!



Welcome, Stu and all the best with your quit - you will get all the support you need on here, but quitting is at least 90% in the head so make sure you do a lot of reading! There are lots of links around in peoples signatures to great sites but my 2 favourites are....


Welcome to the forum, and congrats on making the decision.

As has been said read! Its a mind game, accepting that it is an addiction and educating yourself how it works and what to expect while quitting is the most effective method I have found to stop and stay stopped You need to replace your mindset! Quitting is gaining a better way of life rather than making a sacrifice and cigarettes are not some kind of forbidden fruit!

Best wishes, keep posting and check out those websites!



Well, still on day one, I discovered that my wife was smoking again, and her and my mother were busy puffing away earlier this afternoon, and in a stupid weak willed moment I had one, which led to another couple this evening.

My word can I feel it on my chest though, and that I believe is the final straw. I feel awful at the moment, but hopefully that has helped me move away again.

Stupid sod.

Back to the start. AGAIN.


never give up.. on given must read and read all you can.learn to understand were you went wrong,..and go from there,,take no notice of why smoke in your family, it for you and only you,,just keep the faith all the best tony


Thanks for that fella, good advice, and an encouraging boost for me, so really, thanks a lot!

Thanks to you all for your encouragement too, it means a great deal for people that don't know me from adam to be so supportive to me.

Maybe tomorrow I will be moving my post into the Day 2 section - I am DETERMINED that it will happen!



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