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Craving Tips

Here's a little tip that may help. (I made it up this week - it helped me)

Keep a note pad next to you. Instead of trying to ignore your cravings, fully embrace them by writing down exactly how you feel at the time and how long they last for.

What you'll find is you will build up a mini diary, and you can look back on them. It will give you support, because you will have hard evidence of how you felt last time and you will also know that you got through it without a caving in.

Also, it will show you how few they become. I think this is esp important during those first few days when you fell like they are stacking up on each other.

I did it yest, and even though the craves were still strong, it was only when I got to the end of the day I realised Id only had 5. This was great news as I could physically see how they were becoming less frequent.

Also the writing helps distract you at the time of the crave!

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Very good tip Im past the cravings now I hope but would of give it a go. Thanks Linda xxx


I think its works at the very beginning when you feel theres no end to the craves and some people think the best thing is to ignore the craves. I'm actually saying embrace them, and try to use them to your advantage.

I cant say Ive had a bad crave today. So far so good.


Eating "Nobby's sweet chilli peanuts" helped me through the 1st week! :D


Sweet Lord - thats sounds dodgy!


Good idea shall give that a go!!


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