Three months done

Hi all

I passed the 3 calendar month point yesterday. Still feel good although I must admit that I still think about smoking. Haven't got a clue why because I don't actually want one and have no intention of having one. Could it be that having smoked for 30 odd years I am still not quite done with the "habit"

Anyway, looking forward to the first no smoking Christmas since Adam was a lad.

Regards to all,


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  • Well done - 3 months is a really nice point. Looking forward to it myself :)

    I think thoughts of smoking will still be there for a while, you can't undo 30 years worth of abuse in 3 months!!!

    Your mind and body will take a while to totally forget.

    Congratulations again, I hope you feel very proud of yourself :D

  • Well done

    3 months is great hope you have a fab smoke free christmas. xxxxxxxxx

  • A quarter of a year done, that's great.

    Have a great smoke free Christmas,



  • Well done !! x

  • Well done Bernie

    Three months is a great milestone to reach.

    I still think about smoking quite a lot, but I dont want one and I know I'm never gonna have another.

    You smoked for 30 years so I think its quite natural that you still think about it.

    Just dont have one:D

  • well done bernie feels good dont it keep it up xxx

  • Tracy

    Well done you too!!!!



  • Thanks all for the support

    Hope everyone is doing OK.... Stuart I believe you will catch me up on Friday..well done to you too.

    Regards to all, I am now going to try and post a photo on the other thread but don't hold your breath I am rubbish at this techno stuff.


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