No Smoking Day

Life Insurance

I was researching life insurance yesterday - I put in my details for a quote for £500,000 of life insurance and as a smoker the quote was £126.60 per month. However for the same details as a person who had smoked but had not smoked for 12 months (Insurance companies seem to use this timeline to define a non smoker) the same cover was available for £62.30 per month. I just wondered if any 1 year plus members had updated their policies after they reached the 12 months and had their premiums reduced ??

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Wow, half priced life insurance, now that's another benefit to look forward to.

Good point and one I'd not even considered. I must make a note in my diary to get a fresh quote on my anniversary!!

Thanks for the heads up.




Thats another bonus.

My Husband was In the business for years,so I know how much being a no-smoker makes in the Insurance Business.

Thanks for pointing out:D


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