No Smoking Day

day 3 again

been here so many times its groundhog day

but now have me champix and what a wonder drug !!!!!

well its kept me sane so 2 days 20 hours and 30 mins not smoked

saved £9.72 and not smoked 228 roll ups

but spent £30.0000000000000000 on sweeties

keep up the good work people and just remember...........................

when its snowing and your mates are out in the cold having a fag and your nice and warm in the pub..........priceless

tim xx

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Fantastic, you will succeed this time!

2 days 20 hours and 30 mins and not smoked 228 roll ups

WTF? 228 not smoked? .... reaches for the calculator so that's 44.5 hours ..... 5.12 rollies per hour!!! wait, wait, wait, OK allowing for 16 hours sleep in that is 8 rollies an hour, and at 5 min per rollie thats 20 minutes per hour not smoking.

That's a lot of smoking!


Good luck



champix is a wonder drug i agree!

well done. keep it up and u will be counting in weeks before you know it!


Couldn't agree more on the Champix.

It's only groundhog day if you let it be. There is a way to break out, just keep doing what you're doing.

Oh, and if you're worried about the sugar content of those sweets... try the sugar free ones! I can heartily recommend those boiled type sweets made by a German company called "Sula". Mint and vanilla are my faves, but the caramel are beautiful too. Last an age in the mouth and taste great... best of all, not bad for you!

Most decent sweetshops will sell them, or other brands of sugar free sweets.


Well Done Tim. I too was on Champix and i found it help me too.


80 a day

yep seems unreal that anyone can get through 80 roll ups a day

in truth i think it was more than that

awake on average 17 hours a day

1 roll up every 15 mins on average sometimes every 10 mins.

just shocked me when i decided to save all my roll up butts and count them at the end of the day.

my total was 92

no wonder half an ounce of old holborn would not last a day.

just goes to show what we put ourselves through.

and in case you are wondering how could i find time to smoke when i was working.... easy i am an supervisor that inspects council toilets all day long so have plenty of time on my hands.



OMG, well I presumed there was something wrong but 80 a day is huge.

Good luck with your quit.


Well Done:)

you will do it!


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