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Day 3

Day 3 is just about done, my App tells me that I am now free of Carbon Monoxide (whoop!), free of Nicotine (whoop! whoop!) and have saved £27 :D

From this please deduct £1.35 spent on scented tea lights in the Sainsbury's sale and £9.35 (gulp) spent on fillet steak :eek:

My mood is, to be honest, fragile, feeling a little weepy but the nicotine free stat gives me something to focus on so I know my quit is safe for now - one day at a time


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And indeed your doing so very well, all these emotions in the early days do indeed make us angry, upset, happy, fragile, it's just mr NICO trying his best, but you are stronger Mina, I know you are, so tell him to leave, do whatever you need to do, I've said this befor but it is true, the longer you quit the weaker the crave.

Well on your way, blooming fantastic, well done, just post and read Mina, it helps

And the financial savings are huge brilliant


Ahh very well done Mina :) Day 3 is a tricky one, I think it is a proper milestone in the quit. The amount of times I have tried and failed before Day 3.... After Day 3 it feels like it is bedding in properly. Not that it's time to let ones guard down!

Keep on pushing, you are doing an excellent job, and don't feel guilty about the steak, you blooming deserve it (and I bet it tasted better than ever!!)

Jim :)


Tasted really good actually Jim - and there was me thinking it was my cooking when actually it was my taste buds just starting waking up!

See you on Day 4 Sir x


Mmmm....yummy steak! Bet that tasted just lovely! You are doing brilliant. Keep going xx


you too Dolores - keep in touch and blaze a trail for me x


Well done Mina. You are doing brilliantly and you so deserved that fillet steak.


Spend, spend, spend Mina, it's all money you would have burnt. Steak is a far better use for it!


Well done you. I love steak xx


Come and join me in Day 4 Mina! :)


Me too.

Good for you, Mina. Let them eat steak, say I. You deserve every delicious mouthful. :)


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