No Smoking Day

Emotional Attachment

I have gradually started to realise how I have had a "relationship" with cigarettes over the years, particularly in times of stress (of which there have been many) and how, actually, cigarettes made the situation kind of worse in some ways.

I am now having to deal with all sorts of emotions and situations without cigarettes.........and deal with them myself, just as I am without chemicals.

I don't feel well, I will have a cigarette........

I feel upset, I'll have a cigarette.......

I am really happy! I'll have a cigarette.....!

I am tired, I will have a cigarette......

I need to think about this, let's have a cigarette.........

etc. etc.

Has this been the same for you?



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hi lisa, yes , it had certainly been the same for me, i smoked for every occasion ! last week ( im on day 17 ! ) i forced myself to have a drink at home ( not hard obviously!;) ) purposefully to see how i responded with my fella still smoking and tobacco still being in the house, i had to re-learn what having a drink/having a good time meant to me, im still finding it hard sometimes i have to admit, but will not and cannot give into the cravings, which incidentally are gradually lessening. I find this forum great for reading and learning and the endless support. keep at it :)


Yes very much so.

We all have coping mechanisms to deal with day to day life. whether that be a good or bad thing that we are dealing with.

While we are fuelling the nicotine addiction we needed to have a cigarette to take the feeling of a need for nicotine out of the equation. However, since we had the cigarette while doing whatever we were doing we perceive that it somehow helped!

Having quit we just have to do what we would have done anyway but realise that the smoking had nothing to do with how we handled the situations of the past.



Yes,Thats just how I treated cigarettes, part of becoming independent of cigerettes is knowing why we smoke.

I was never a heavy smoker but in times of stress,sadness,happiness I could smoke one after the other and all it did was make me feel sick!

where is the sense or reason in that:confused:


CIgarettes become a true friend, something to lean on whenever you need them. The time to leave that friend comes when you realise that you don't actually get anything from the relationship and its all one sided.

Sure you get the illusion that they help, but all they want is to trap you... once you realise that, it's time to find a new circle of friends.


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