No Smoking Day
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See... I actually forgot how many days it was...must be getting better.

I feel a tiny bit better every day... still have troubled sleep, and feel a little spaced... but..the good thing is..unless I actually stop and think about it on purpose...I hardly think about smoking and having a ciggie... so i watch a movie all the way through, with no ill effects... go about my daily business without stopping for a smoke.. its all a bit strange... as nicotine addiction would have you believe something awful will happen if you dont smoke...but it doesnt... what happens is actually the feel better bit by bit every day...

So..anyone else on day 10.... good luck and well done..

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Yeah! Well done for getting into double figures! :)

Have a great non smoking day! :)


Congrats on your 10 days. Soon you'll be at a fortnight and steadily progressing to your first month...woo hoo :D:D

You seem to have your head in the right place regards dealing with your quit.

Keep on keepin' on :cool:


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