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Week 4

There doesn't appear to be a "week 4" on the forum, I posted in week 3 last week but not into Month 2 yet as need to get through week 4 first.

Can't believe how quickly I got to week 4, I expected the time to drag as it had on previous attempts to quit!

Feel heaps better although still a bit breathless when walking fast but, I'm sure that will improve with time. My purse and bank are loving the fact that I'm not smoking, my feet are too with the new boots that "I needed"!;)

Skin is improving after last week, it was awful and made me feel a bit down but then, PMT didn't help either so had a double dose of spots!!

Really proud that I went out on the town last night, got seriously drunk but, didn't have a single smoke! I feel thats quite an achievement and was quite worried before I left the house but, it was easier than I thought! So, although I'm suffering for it today, I can still smile and say I'm into week 4!

Thanks for the support received and just reading others success stories makes it a little bit easier, knowing that others can do it!

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You'll be into the months instead of weeks very shortly! Well done to you! :D

And you passed the alcohol test - weeeeeheeeee! You've cracked it! :D


Very well done! Getting to week 4 is huge!



You are doing so well.


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