No Smoking Day

Day 22.5

Good Morning my virtual quitting family!

Hope everyone is well.

Have to say like my teamie (Tracey) I am struggling alittle bit at the moment - have moved to the 14mg patches this week (after 3 weeks on the 21mg) and it has hit me! It feels like being at Day 4 or 5 again. I suppose it is the body getting used to the withdrawal of some more nicotine. Its just a bit of a blow after feeling good for the most of last week. Still these things are sent to try us - and I have NO intention of giving in. I have just seen my bank balance!!! :-)

Keep fighting everyone!

Chris - Free and Healing for Twenty Two Days, 11 Hours and 16 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 2 Days and 8 Hours, by avoiding the use of 674 Death Sticks that would have cost me £195.67.

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Hi Chris,

I tried patches one time and found the same when I switched down.

Actually I only did one change in the patches as due to a combination of finding them itchy and quitting due to nagging from my wife I failed miserably.

You can get through it though. Follow the programm and concentrate on the positive attitude.

All the best



Hi Chris

I was the same I used patches on my 6 month quit last year. The low feeling only lasts a day or so so hang in there. Just an idea What I done on the second and third strenth was left them off at night the dropping down wasnt so bad. Last quit and this new one doing CT to be honest not half as bad as you think and no dropping down. Best of like anyway as long as we quit init. xxxx Linda


I stopped once using patches.

Every time I "got the urge", I just gave my patch a wee rub and that took my mind off it :o

Try it :rolleyes:


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