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No Smoking Day
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Starting day 11

Well, I am in day 11 and feeling good.

The cough and black phlegm (yuk) have eased up a bit even though I still have a hack from time to time, so I am really feeling the benefit of all that extra oxygen now.

The little health problems (I think it's simply bodyshock that it's not getting what it's used to) like a cold, mouth ulcers and digestion problems have fully gone away now (fingers crossed).

Better than that, and more confidence boosting.... people are starting to notice the difference in me. Even smokers notice that I look better, have more energy and am generally a better version of me.

Non smokers tell me all of that, and the fact that I smell better.

Best of all? It's raining today and I keep seeing the smokers coming back from a fag break dripping wet. It's amusing me no end!

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Well done,

Aint it daft that we used to go through all that crap for a smoke. Standing out in all weathers, stinking etc.

There's no turning back now.





Well done you,

It is funny seeing the lengths smokers will go to isn't it!? I cant believe I used to do that too:p



Well done!!!

Day 11 is no mean feat. Many people start with the best of intentions but start again within the first3-7 days. the amount of people starting to post on here and disappearing is testament to that.

Getting to day 11 is actually a major achievement and from there 2 weeks is easy.

After that anything is possible and because it gets easier and easier, anything is probable.

Stay strong Stuart!!


Thank you for the encouragement folks.

Stay strong Stuart!!

I fully intend to. I am not going to waste the opportunity this time - I am finding it easier than I ever have before and I am in the right frame of mind. I am not going to waste it and then have to build myself up to it again. This time is for good.

No going back!


u r doing great keep going


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