6 Bloody months!!!!

Hi all, Just popped in to show off :D just checked my quit meter and it says

Smoke free for,Six months, two days, 7 hours, 35 minutes and 4 seconds. 3726 cigarettes not smoked, saving £651.96. Life saved: 1 week, 5 days, 22 hours, 30 minutes.

Never thought i could last this long. Thanks to Champix and positive and determined attitude i have made the 6 month milestone.

I don't come hear very much now as i found it reminded me of smoking and i would start to think about my quit all the time.

But in the early days this place played a great supporting role and helped get me through some of the more challenging moments:D (thanks guy's)

Anyone just starting or thinking about quiting, don't look to far ahead just get through today and before you know it you will have a week, a month, 6 even:D

Good luck everyone


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  • Well done!

    Seems there have been several six monthers recently, its a great achievement and an inspiration to the rest of us.



  • I have just got to day 11, and find the posts by people further down the line very inspirational.

    6 months is a big acheivment, well done. With luck and a following wind I will be there soon enough.

  • Hi mark

    good to see you and well done on 6 months.

    It seems that a lot of people, when they get past that point, dont post as much, so you are not alone.

    Stay in touch though cos there are still newbies to be helped!!

  • Many congrats, another 6 monther I almost missed. Keep it up!

  • Well done Mark

    6 months your doing fab. xxxx

  • Great job mark, good to see your progress and positive attitude as always. :)

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