Day 15!!!!

Can't beleive its week 3 already, feeling great about not smoking, won't say it's been easy, def had it's moments - the urges are quite strong sometimes and you have to really focus on getting it out of your head...

Bring on week number 3 :D

Two weeks, 9 hours, 17 minutes and 14 seconds. 244 cigarettes not smoked, saving £69.70. Life saved: 20 hours, 20 minutes.

4 Replies

  • Your going great gavster

    You know the drill, just say no and all that.

    Getting into week 3 is good and it does start to get easier i promise.

    Stay strong

  • well done mate keep up the good work.

    Its really great to see everyone doing so well.



  • congrats on making the three week target...

    here's to the next three and the three after that...and after that...and so on and so on for evermore...:D

    it will get easier as weeks go by and the "smoking" thoughts will start to be further and further apart and the "non-smoking" will become the norm...:cool:

    good luck gavster...


  • Yip, congratulations from me too. Just imagine your head exploding next time you smoke and that should curb the urge! (hey it's not unlikely!) :rolleyes:

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