No Smoking Day

Day 15.5!

Well, well well.

If I cast my mind back to 20 days ago - I would never have thought about making it through 7 hours let alone 15 days and 12 hours. The I got some bad news about my step-dad (you can probably guess!) and the motivation was there. I will NEVER smoke again - I know that.

For any "newbie" reading this - get through the hard times - it does get easier. I am not saying that it is a total walk in the park now - but it is MUCH easier and from what I read - it will continue to go that way.

As for the patch debate (as i still feel like i am cheating abit!) - I have decided to stick with them - why change whats working. I will be moving to the semi-skimmed (14mg) on Tuesday next week - so that will be the next big test methinks.

Have a great day everyone and good luck!

Chris - Free and Healing for Fifteen Days, 12 Hours and 45 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 1 Day and 14 Hours, by avoiding the use of 466 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me £135.21.

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Great going,

Whatever that news was, if it has given you the motivation to stop smoking I'm sure that will be of some comfort to your step dad.

As for the patches, as you say, stick to whatever works. I'm doing the same with lozenges.

You're in the 3rd week now, soon it'll be a month and in no time 6.

Well done.

All the best,



:D yay well done chris !!

Your next "big test " being lowering your patch will be nowhere near as testing as it was actually stopping and you did that great i mean look at where you are now to where you were 20 days ago !!! you should be so pleased with yourself and this was the week you were dreading ,looks to me like you got it all under control so far .

You are doing fantastic keep going!!!

Tracey x


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