No Smoking Day
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It has been forever!

I have not been on here to post for a LONG time. I was really sick this summer and have been busy trying to make up for lost time! Now that the kids are back in school it is much easier to kieep caught up.:D In 21 days it will be 1 year for me:eek: All I can say is wow to that since you all know how hard it really is. People who have never smoked have No idea!!! Congrats to all no matter how far you are in. Keep going~it is so much easier now!

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Wow, a year!!! Well done you.

Don't get too complacent though. I got over 18 months a few years ago and blew it. Struggling to put any sort of time together since really.

I hope not! I have early COPD so there can be No going back! I am reminded of my filthly dirty habit for the rest of my life!!!:mad:


well done overthedge xxxx


Hi OTE, it has been a while, but glad to hear things are going well.

Stay focused, Oct 1st aint far away now.



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