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The bike has been out !!

Yep, I've done it, I've been out on my new bike. Ok. There I was at home, bike parked at the kerb using the peddle. (remember doing that?) I had put a bottle of water in the freezer so it was nice and cold, and taken it out and put it on the side ready to put in my rucksack. Then I got my phone, keys and bike lock and put them in the rucksack. Off I wobbled down across the park and across town to about the furthest point I thought I could safely go without passing out. I stopped at a nice little spot, nobody else around, which was just as well as my face was burning, my legs were like jelly and my breathing was like that of a 90 year old 60 a dayer. I slipped off the rucksack and went for the water to calm the parrot cage of a throat I now had. To my horror, no water! I had left it on the side at home. :eek: I rested for a while, mentally beating myself up before climbing back on the bike and very gently, cycling back home. About 4 miles I covered and I feel quite good about it. Mind you, while typing this, I am sipping on a large scotch and coke and munching a bag of hoola hoops. No fags though :cool:

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Jesus martin I havent laughed that much in ages since reading your post.

You poor love you wont be forgetting your water again in a hurry! hahaha.

Hope that scotch soothes your shattered nerves lol. :D

Keep it up though you are doing really well with your health kick! :)

Stay strong charlene. :)



Great stuff!! well done, i have bought a bike recently and go on it as often as poss, (about 8 times now to date). I usually only go about 2 miles but did 6 miles today:eek:


Next stop the Tour de France:D


Just been out on my bike again. Went half the distance this time. I have now realised that although my mind thinks I'm 25 years old, my knees are definatley 45 years old.


Rofl i missed this entire thread! how did that happen?? :eek:

Oh you are fantastic Martin x x x x

Glad you went out a second time just purely so as i could catch your first journey x x

Money well spent you keep it up ;)

~Buffy x x


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