No Smoking Day

Day 11

Can't believe I have made it this far:confused: It has been strangely natural.. not always easy but natural, I feel a definate shift in mindset and I can now pity smokers while craving, so I don't actually want to smoke, even if my body is telling me to...

Yesturday it was hard started feeling a little funny at points, BUT nowhere near what it was like in the first few days/week just a funny turn for 15mins. It is odd, it isn't really feeling like I want to smoke but that I know is caused by smoking... Maybe it's the body adjusting to extra oxygen or the body detoxing..I dunno!, either way feeling alright, definatly not going to smoke today. Love this forum, being able to post and read in the morning and just before I go to bed sets me in the right mind frame for the day.

Good luck to everyone today. Lets never smoke again!!



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Well done sachmo (reference to Louis Armstrong?)

You are doing really well, keep up the good work and read everything you can.

There is some really good stuff hidden in this site. Look up stuff written by Catwoman (the serious stuff) and Austinlegro in particular.

definatly not going to smoke today.

Have that attitude everyday and everything will be fine.


Thank you

Cheers, for the advice I feel really strong now, just read a post about someone who lapsed, sad.. I really don't want to be that person anymore so i have decided not to be :)

How long has your quit been for and how are you finding it now?



PS I do like lois armstron (you were the first to get the refernce) but is also a combonation of my first and second name..



How long has your quit been for and how are you finding it now?

I have been quit for about 9 1/2 months and know I will never smoke again. Im more pi$$ed off now that I smoked for 24 years without doing anything about it.:mad:(ive never used that one before:D)

The key is to get your head in the right place by educating yourself

Knowledge is power, the power to never need nor want another fag ever again:D


:) well done sachmo . keep going you are doing brill

Tracey x

tracey - Free and Healing for Nine Days, 7 Hours and 5 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 1 Day and 6 Hours, by avoiding the use of 372 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me £92.62.


Thanks for the guidance

Thank you to everyone who posted, I appreciate that you even bother to reply. I have had a hard day and am developing a nasty cold, only 2 days before my only holiday, my 21st birthday, starting a new job, and several other large stressful life changes!!! I hate that life always throws everything at you at once, however although I started feeling very tearry from about 3 o'clock I don't want to add smoking to the list of bad things that happened today. ( although I am certain that the tearryness and the cold are both due to my stop!! I suppose it it part of the detox process, ) I look tiard and awful and feel poo. ARjngdgkjfhlsyhfly.... goodnight, I hope I feel better tommorow :(


Hi Sachmo,

Hang in there...make sure you have some quick relief strategies up your sleeve and ready for if things get really bad...IT WILL PASS... really, really .

You'll soon be sailing in the sunlight again...and smoke free..Yipee!



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